Zing Data gets $2.4 million to bring business intelligence to mobile

Zing Data raised $2.4 MM, led by Related companies (Uber, Coinbase, Postmates), Correlation companies (Optimizely, Personal Capital) and early backers of Amplitude and Robinhood.

“Without data scientists, companies don’t have the toolkit to process and understand their data in context: until Zing. The mobile form factor, simple collaboration, and easy-to-understand tools are best-in-class. And this technical team has experience as builders and users of business intelligence software, so deeply understand customer needs,” said Kanyi Maqubelamanaging partner at Kindred Ventures.

Founders Zack Hendlin and Sabin Thomas met for ten years in doctoral school in Massachusetts Institute of Technologyand even then they were thinking about creating data tools.

“We both realized that engineering, product, and operations teams struggled to use data because they lacked usability and collaboration. We knew we could do better by reimagining what could look like a data query interface in a mobile-first way – just like Robinhood did for stock trading on mobile,” Hendlin said.

Both founders bring extensive experience shipping industry-defining products, Thomas founded two companies with successful exits into the security space, and Hendlin delivered Facebook’s first work in voice recognition, the first Facebook’s mobile ads format, and built product and data teams at OneSignal.

“As an engineering leader, I wanted tools that empower everyone in a company to make data-driven decisions, and that’s what we built. We’ve built a query intelligence platform and a smart query builder layer to deliver an experience that ‘works’ and empower the business data influencer,” said Thomas.

Used by fast-growing startups and Fortune 1000 companies, Zing delivers faster insights than any other platform. This underpins support for all popular databases including Snowflake, Postgres, mySQL, Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, Amazon Redshift, and Trino. Zing has already partnered with Google and Starburst to provide proven integrations.

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“Zing is finally letting me get the key metrics I care about, on the go and with the tap of my phone,” said Peter Martin, co-founder of WePlayed Sports, customer of Zing. “They lower the barrier to entry for exploring and querying data to make it accessible to everyone in an enterprise,” said Peter ChoVP Product at Mezmo.

The company found excitement from an unexpected source: “Logistics, event management and real estate companies signed up – and we realized the extent of the opportunity not only to make data easier to use for people on the move, but for that much larger. group not served by expensive, single-player, desktop-based business intelligence. People who are in the fields, factories, stores, construction sites. If you think about it, everyone is a ‘deskless worker’ at some point, even if it’s just getting smacked during your kid’s football game,” Hendlin said.

By using Zing Data, a user can:

  • Query databases and see informative graphs generated in less than 10 seconds
  • Run terabyte-scale queries with just a few clicks
  • Easily collaborate on action items from analysis or insight, using @mentions and shared questions
  • Reduce 40% of business intelligence team time spent on simple “ad hoc” questions

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Casey J. Nelson