YouTube Brings Its Pre-Publish Checks To Mobile Apps While Expanding Its World Of Super Thank You/Digital Information Monetization

YouTube has a number of exciting updates coming in the near future. For starters, it plans to launch its popular pre-release checks on its mobile apps.

The initial version was launched last year in March when users saw the tool being integrated into desktop computers. But now the platform is taking a step ahead by giving users the option to find it on mobile apps.

This means content creators on the go can now publish their work, ensuring it’s eligible for monetization, moments before it’s published.

For those who may not be aware, the feature is designed to analyze the content that will be published, checking if it goes against any major violations. This includes copyright as well as publicity, moments before it is published.

The ultimate goal is to avoid major disappointments on the creator’s side and raise awareness of infringement issues that could end up affecting your money-making potential on the app.

But users should be aware of the distinct differences between the desktop version and the mobile version. For example, the desktop one will initiate copyright claims once the content is published. On the other hand, monetization checks will be run after enabling the content for monetization through the mobile app.

To put it simply, it takes a bit longer to run checks through your phone than on the desktop.

Additionally, YouTube states that the verification feature is not available for its short films due to the length involved. Nevertheless, it is a useful tool that users will be able to enjoy on their smartphones in the coming weeks.

Likewise, another exciting update awaiting users is a feature involving creator monetization.

The platform recently announced how it plans to launch an extension that gives creators from 68 countries the ability to view donations.

Super Thanks was first incorporated last year, which allowed content creators to receive donations from their viewers by purchasing the animated feature for a range of prices that involved around $2 and $50. .

Remember that only when the Super Thanks feature is activated on a video, an animation is present on the screen.

Additionally, we see an automatic response of “Thank you!” added to the comments section with a color that signals a donation.

This is another direct way that creators can benefit from monetization, while also opening the way for connections and interactions.

The feature is already a major hit in countries like China, which, in case you didn’t already know, has been seen as a complete live-streaming move.

Clearly, these updates prove how much the app strives to improve monetization to create an attractive gateway for content creators as well as viewers. After all, with great competition from apps like TikTok and Instagram, where users can rely more on their presence, it makes sense to improve for the better.

Along with this update, YouTube has also allowed users to customize Super Thanks comments, a feature that has been eagerly awaited for months.

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Casey J. Nelson