What is the release date?

Call of duty mobile Season 8 will go live in the near future and we can reveal the exact date of its release on iOS and Android devices.

The video game The community has enjoyed the Call of Duty franchise for over a decade, and it was a great idea to showcase a game that was only available for mobile devices.

What’s great about COD Mobile is that the content is either brand new and exclusive or it’s fan-favorite content from older games in the franchise.

With season 7 being quite successful, it’s understandable that many Call of Duty fans are intrigued by the release date of season 8.

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When is the Call of Duty Mobile season 8 release date?

When it comes to new seasons, there’s a lot of buildup from the developers of the game and we’ve already been treated to previews and teasers from COD Mobile. We also know that the new season will be called Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere.

Luckily, the developers haven’t teased the release date. Instead, they revealed the exact date when the new season will go live on mobile devices.

The gaming community will be thrilled to hear that Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 isn’t far off at all. Season 8 will be released on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

That’s great because it means there’s less than a week left until players can enjoy brand new content. New content coming to the game will include new operator skins, maps, weapons, and a brand new battle pass.

The battle pass is great because it will have 100 levels for players to unlock. It takes a lot of work to earn the points needed to level up, but it’s definitely worth it as you can get some great usable rewards.

Players should be aware that the battle pass is expensive, you can either buy it with in-game currency or real currency if you don’t have enough coins in Call of Duty Mobile.

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