Virgin Mobile’s price hike for millions of mobile phone users

Millions of Virgin Mobile customers are expected to see their bills increase from July 1.

Virgin Mobile has started to notify customers of the increase. And unless you are in breach of contract, you will have no way of taking advantage of the 1.5% increase without incurring a penalty.

The price increase applies to both Virgin Mobile and SIM card only and pays customers monthly. If you signed up for a mobile deal with Virgin Mobile on or after May 5, 2021, you won’t see an increase, as your deal will already take into account the price increase that is in line with the advertised retail price inflation. by the Retail Price Index (RPI) in April.

Virgin Mobile prepaid customers will not see their prices increase.

Virgin Mobile said customer increases will vary based on their current pricing plan, but will not exceed 1.5%. The network has not confirmed exactly how many customers will be affected, but it is known to number in the millions.

You can cancel your Virgin Mobile contract and upgrade to a new offer as long as you are out of contract and give 30 days notice. However, if you are still under contract, you will have to hang in there.

You will be contacted by Virgin Mobile if your bill is going to increase, and the network has confirmed that it has already started notifying people of the increase.

A spokesperson for Virgin Mobile said, “We want to offer our customers the best, most innovative mobile services possible, and continue to offer the flexibility, speeds and products that our customers expect from us, sometimes we need to revisit our price. “

It is important to keep control of your bills and to note the end of your mobile phone contract. By changing the offer at the end of your contract, you can save money and find a price plan that is cheaper, offers more benefits and better suits your needs.

If you are happy with your mobile phone, this is also a great opportunity to switch to SIM only. This way, you can drastically reduce the amount you pay each month while receiving the same (if not more) amount of data, calls and texts.

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Casey J. Nelson