Villa Games Play and win games and the new paradigm of mobile games

The online gaming industry is growing rapidly and continuously to provide players with the best experience ever. From native game app development to augmented reality, virtual reality, and the recent introduction of the metaverse, gamers now have a variety of worlds to play with.

A brief history of the project:

What started as a simple idea at the end of 2019 has turned into a brand. Villa Games, a trademark of Gflox Entertainment Industry Limited, was born. Charged with the responsibility of realizing his vision, he offered users the opportunity to play and win simultaneously. Previously, players would buy tokens of intangible value from various app stores just to complete certain game challenges, and no matter how many of those tokens one had in those games, they couldn’t convert them into useful but fun value. Some of these games ended with progress and player tokens, leaving little or nothing but the euphoria of the fantasy world of the game. But today people live in a new world where their tokens could be converted into cashable rewards, thanks to blockchain technology. In the words of its founder,

“Villa Games was designed to give players the opportunity to play and earn money. One of the things we accomplished was to make sure that players weren’t just buying tokens to play their favorite games, but that they can also convert their game rewards into cash – that’s the core of what our mobile games offer and more to come.We’ve tokenized our Villa Coin and integrated it with blockchain nodes , so that users can send, receive and transfer values ​​in the Villa Games ecosystem from anywhere in the world. We have redefined the ideology of game applications and will create more interesting mobile games to serve our users always more numerous and always hungrier.“ – Akomas Stanhope-CEO/Founder of Villa Games said.

With the introduction of Villa Coin in 2020 in Villa Games projects, user tokens were prized and could be converted into cashable rewards through blockchain nodes. Thus, players have the perfect chance to send, receive and transfer values ​​within the Villa Games ecosystem. Villa Games have moved further away from this by offering the public the opportunity to purchase their Villa Coin at very cheap pre-sale values ​​in such a way that they believe they can easily create demand through their gaming community and reward holders .

Villa Games announced a unique style in their airdrop, anyone can actually earn their tokens for free by downloading any of their apps from their developer page on Google PlayStore; these games include:

  1. Villa Crush: a match-3 puzzle game for crush game lovers
  2. Villa Zumar: A moving bullet shooting game for those who love this category of games
  3. Villa Race: A car racing game for arcade lovers
  4. Villa Card: To scratch and win, try the game of luck

In 2022, Villa Games will launch Villa Stake, an online gaming and casino platform powered by blockchain technology proven to be fair. They plan to introduce more online games to this platform, giving users more opportunities to play and win. With these and other gaming technologies that this Nigerian company is offering, it intends to create a bigger user base and more use cases for its token and ensure that there is a application for Villa Coin so that Villa Coin holders get a better return on their investment. The ideology of gaming apps is changing, and more impressive mobile game concepts seem to cater more to the needs of gamers.

The idea that they can win by playing is not a fairy tale but a solid reality that anyone can try. People can earn more Villa Coin for free by checking their Airdrop blog, and they can buy more tokens at a pre-sale price. The ideas are already developed, unlike some ideas that are still on paper and cannot deliver on their promise. All this business needs is good exposure and the moon for holders is certain.

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Casey J. Nelson