Verizon raises pay after T-Mobile: $20/hr minimum

After T-Mobile announced it would raise its minimum wage, Verizon decided to do the same. Just recently, Verizon announced that the minimum wage the company would pay its employees would be increased to $20 an hour.

Verizon decides to raise its minimum wage to $20 an hour

According to the story of PCMag, Verizon said the pay increase would affect different employees in their customer service, inside sales and retail sectors. This will affect workers who still earn less than $20 an hour.

The pay increase, however, will not be limited to those earning less than $20 an hour, but also to a few Verizon workers who already earn more than that.

Company decides to add premium pay differentials for assistant managers

Instead of paying more for certain positions, Verizon will add premium pay differentials for assistant managers who decide to work Sundays and holidays. Differential bonuses will also be granted to bilingual assistant directors.

Other big news from Verizon includes a signing bonus for certain markets for retail specialist and assistant manager positions. The bonus is part of the company’s initiative to attract potential workers to positions.

Verizon says minimum wage hike is result of employee feedback

According to Krista Bourne, the COO of Verizon Consumer Group, their V Teamers do their best to support their customers day in and day out. Because of the teams that support consumers, the company also wants to support them.

In a statement from Verizon, however, the cause of the minimum wage increase and the company’s decision to offer differential bonuses was employee feedback. Bourne said she’s confident the new changes will help the company attract and retain Verizon’s top talent.

Bourne also believes the new raise and sign-in bonuses will also help the company improve its customer experience. The website notes that the company’s bonuses will be aligned with its goals of being able to “promote excellent customer experiences.”

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T-Mobile originally started the pay rise in December 2021

PCMag noted that T-Mobile initially started the trend in December 2021, noting that the company would pay its employees at least $20 per hour, regardless of the role they hold or the status of their contract.

Verizon and T-Mobile rival AT&T has yet to decide whether to implement a pay raise. According to an article by Fortunehowever, the company might consider doing the same.

As PCMag pointed out, the official federal government minimum wage has not increased since 2009, standing at just $7.25. Other states, however, have different laws regarding their own base pay.

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