unitQ data shows iPhone owners are more critical of mobile apps than Android users

Here is an overview of the top 25 mobile apps and their Q Score public unit

In the company’s report, “UnitQ Analysis: The State of Mobile Application Product Quality”, the company analyzed 121.52 million user reviews for the year 2021.

unitQ, an AI-powered product quality platform for organizations to listen and act on feedback from their user base, concluded that iPhone owners expect more from their mobile apps than Android users, based on unitQ’s proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence.

In the company’s report, “UnitQ Analysis: The State of Mobile Application Product Quality,” the company analyzed 121.52 million user reviews for the year 2021 to generate actionable insights into what users of these apps say about about 4,400 of the best apps on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

The report also details the top mobile app product quality issues that users are complaining about. Additionally, the study rates the top 25 mobile apps with the best product quality based on user feedback analyzed by unitQ.

Android versus iOS:

unitQ found that 22% of all Android reviews expressed concerns about the quality of their apps. When it comes to the iPhone, 39% of all reviews contained product quality issues.

“Studies suggest that iPhone owners generally earn more than Android users and pay more for their phones than their Android counterparts. This could explain why Apple owners are more demanding when it comes to premium apps. than their Android counterparts. Let’s just call it the Steve Jobs effect,” says Christian Wiklund, CEO and co-founder of unitQ.

Top 25 Mobile Apps With The Best Product Quality For 2021

Judging by what users are saying about the mobile apps analyzed by unitQ, the status of product quality on Android and iOS for 2021 was “fair” with plenty of room for improvement. Overall, this equates to an average unit score of 75.

unitQ Score is an organization’s product quality measurement based on user feedback data collected automatically in over 70 languages ​​from the most popular customer channels, including app stores and social media, and can also integrate internal support and chatbot applications. The unitQ score is a performance indicator that represents the current state of an organization’s product health. unitQ Score is the modern and more accurate way to analyze customer satisfaction against the NPS score. Higher unitQ scores mean better products and happier customers.

For the purposes of this study, the unitQ score was based on Google Play Store and Apple App Store reviews – a unitQ metric calls the unitQ public score. Learn more about the unitQ score and how it’s calculated.

Interpreting a unitQ score

  • 95-100 Epic: Best in class and product quality.
  • 85-95: Good: Good product quality, room for improvement.
  • 70-85 Fair: Satisfactory product quality, lots of room for improvement
  • 0-70 Poor: Poor quality product, urgent improvement needed.

Top unitQ mobile app product quality issues discovered for 2021

1. Slow performance.

2. Force closing the application.

3. Unable to download or install.

4. Failed to launch.

5. Unable to access the application.

6. Application freeze.

7. Unable to update.

8. Crash after update.

9. Unable to play.

10. Bad experience.

11. Level of achievement impossible.

12. Too many advertisements.

13. Payment Required.

14. Technical Difficulty Error.

About unitQ

unitQ arms organizations with real-time, actionable insights from their users to create a better customer experience both immediately and in the future to improve product, reduce churn, increase stars and create great experiences. unitQ customers such as Klarna, Pandora, Spotify and Strava improve product quality by more than 20% in 30 days.

unitQ has raised $41 million in funding from Accel, Creandum and Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture capital fund. Based in Burlingame, Calif., unitQ is founded by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, entrepreneurs who previously founded Skout, a social app with over 50 million users that was acquired by The Meet Group in 2016. Read More more, go to https://www. .unitQ.com.

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