The top-grossing mobile games of August have been announced

The game We have mentioned many times that the industry is undergoing a sea change. Here are the lists, which are announced by monthly periods and show mobile gaming revenue, also reveal how much this sector has grown. even though detection tower Although the total revenue in August decreased by 12.4% compared to the previous month, according to the studies carried out by A.Ş., the fact that the total amount spent is 1.9 billion dollars helps us to understand how much we speak.

According to the lists announced by the famous analysis company, the two iOS both android Highest-grossing game of August when both platforms are taken into account honor of kings it happened. However your android Since it is not active in China, this game only reached the top spot thanks to Chinese iPhone users. too let me clarify. Thereby, honor of kings 94% of spending on the game came out of the pockets of Chinese gamers.

The top-grossing mobile games of August have been announced

PUBG mobile, which ranks second in the list, again owes its success to iOS. because now android users do not give much money to this game and it is the first gross of production. 10 games He doesn’t even let her in. The name that takes the third place on the iOS platform is also the third place in the total ranking. Genshin Impact it happened.

android is the most profitable name on the platform M line it happened. This name is followed by Coin Master, while it ranks third. Candy Crush Saga took.

Casey J. Nelson