Socxo launches mobile applications for its Smart Linking Suite

Socxly, the intelligent linking tool of the cloud-based brand promotion platform, Socxo has announced the launch of its mobile applications. Socxly mobile apps are now available on Android and iOS.

Positioned as the bridge between content, links and brands, Socxly will now help content marketers, professional social media users and affiliate marketers to use their cutting-edge offers through their smartphones. This step of the company will help marketers to use their smart link tool from their mobiles.

Apps can be used for free with any of the Socxly desktop app plans. It also includes free forever pricing. This move will allow users to try out the features of the Made in India app.

Collecting and curating links in today’s world is used 24/7 and to make this easier for users, the app will collect links on the fly, organize them, track their reach and will distribute them on the go. While the desktop app provides a full user experience, mobile is currently a lite version, to help users manage and track their self-service links.

Sudarsan Rao

Commenting on the launch of applications, Sudarsan Rao, co-founder and CEO, Socxo, said “I am extremely excited to bring our Socxly mobile apps live. With the launch of these apps, we have taken a step forward towards our goal of changing the game of social media marketing for marketers and creators. Our web platform received an overwhelming response, and we hope our app will do the same.”

Anuraj Parameswaran
Anuraj Parameswaran

Said Anuraj Parameswaran, CTO Socxo, “Socxly mobile is part of our product roadmap to help users and administrators access our products on the go. We’ll be adding more features in mobile apps as we move forward to make links smarter, more user-friendly and innovative.”

Casey J. Nelson