Socialpeta 2022 Ultimate Guide to Mobile Apps: Market Analysis and Prediction

Mobile Application Advertising Market Review 2021

Advertising market statistics

In 2021, there were 190,000 mobile advertisers, down 8.23% from the previous year which had over 200,000 advertisers. The reason attributed to this decline was mainly the saturation of the mobile applications market, resulting in its first negative value in the last five years. The figures are further expected to decline by 3.86% in 2022 and eventually stabilize in 2023 with growth of 4.82%.

Ad cost statistics

The average increased by 2.25% in 2021, with a 27% increase over 2020 for mobile marketing of non-gaming applications. CPM advertising costs increased 6% from 2020, with an average value of $5.41. However, CPC was down 26% year-on-year, an average of $0.44.

Advertising platform statistics

The modern era is all about getting the most out of social media marketing, and global mobile app advertisers know that. Top social media platforms by usage – Facebook and Instagram were the most popular apps used by advertisers. Both of these platforms saw a significant number of non-gaming advertisers, with 149.6,000 ads posted on Facebook alone in 2021.

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Marketing predictions for the mobile application market (excluding games)

• Real stories to connect with users of financial apps

More and more users are moving from traditional offline financial activity to mobile applications. Advertisers prefer their advertisements to show how surprised real people are by the high income from the investment or to show the analysis of the professionals.

• Transformation of e-commerce applications through live streaming

TikTok will pave the way to new territories. Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube are also extending their e-commerce to mobile. Additionally, mobile e-commerce apps that have added this functionality have paved the way for improved brand appeal and differentiation from their competitors. Most mobile apps are constantly striving to reach a younger audience.

• Popularity of user-generated content in short video apps

Short videos are especially appealing when people’s time is fragmented due to the high pace of modern life in the information-based society, and there is the big data recommendation algorithm.

• Emotional connection stimulates the reading of creations

Currently, the most popular reading apps focus on female readers; therefore, their advertising designs are primarily about emotions and ethics. The most frequent elements in the creations are pregnancy, cheating, handsome men and beautiful women, emotional entanglement, etc.

• Influencer marketing to attract attention

This allows users to make decisions in favor of the mobile app rather than bombarding them with regular advertisements. Influencer marketing can shape consumer attitudes towards a brand or advertisement.

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