ServiceNow prepares mobile apps for transformation tracking • The Register

ServiceNow will soon launch mobile apps that enable real-time tracking of metrics, so business leaders can see the progress of digital transformation initiatives.

The apps will be companions to Impact — a product that ServiceNow announced last month. It departs from ServiceNow’s usual offerings by measuring the results of its core workflow engine, rather than driving workflows. Complementary applications will be applicable to all of its expertise in HR, ITSM and other business areas.

The impact includes guidance, best practice models, and AI pixie dust, all in service of optimizing ServiceNow’s SaaS to ensure it delivers the desired business results, especially when are applied to digital transformation projects.

Premium support is also part of the Impact package. Paul Fipps, ServiceNow’s senior vice president for customer and partner excellence, described one element of that support as a “bat-phone” that calls in highly trained personnel to resolve issues quickly.

Fipps said The register that while ServiceNow can monitor the effectiveness of workflows created on its platform, Impact adds the ability to evaluate the experience and results it generates. This is necessary, he said, because companies often find that their digital transformation efforts are not delivering the expected returns on investment.

This is where mobile apps come in. Fipps claimed that they will literally track progress against business performance metrics in real time, and immediate access to these metrics will be welcomed by customers. users. When The register suggested that real-time business metrics in the hands of users might produce more anxiety than good management, Fipps replied, “As someone who has run large organizations, you always ask the question ‘Where in are we on the way?'”

Impact-enabled apps won’t be ServiceNow’s last foray into the mobile world. Fipps said the company has content it believes is currently underexposed, and plans are underway to direct it to apps and use personalization to deliver it to users. ®

Casey J. Nelson