Rainbox Six Mobile: release date, platforms, trailer and gameplay

The Rainbow Six franchise is making its way to mobile devices as Ubisoft has officially revealed the details of Rainbow Six Mobile. Here’s everything you need to know about the mobile game, including release date, platforms, and game features.

Ubisoft’s goal with Rainbow Six Mobile is to bring Rainbow Six Siege to the vast population of mobile gamers. Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular tactical FPS games and soon fans will be able to enjoy its fierce gameplay in handheld form.

Rainbow Six Mobile will be more than just a mobile port of R6S, as Ubisoft plans to implement major changes to appeal to a whole new audience.

Here’s everything we know about Rainbow Six Mobile so far.

Rainbow Six Mobile release date

Rainbow Six Mobile currently doesn’t have a release date, but Ubisoft has confirmed that a Exit window 2022 is to be expected as development of the game ramps up following the announcement.

Once an exact date is revealed, we’ll be sure to update this information to prepare you for mobile FPS.

Rainbow Six Mobile Platforms

Rainbow Six operators walking through a door

As you might have already guessed, Rainbow Six Mobile will be available on mobile platforms. Once the game is made public, players will be able to download it via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

As with most large mobile games, you will need to ensure that your device can meet the minimum requirements for the game to run smoothly. Once we know these requirements, we will be sure to share them with you.

How to Join Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile Operator behind cover

To register for Rainbow Six Mobile Early Access, players will need to go to the official Ubisoft webpage for the upcoming game. Once there, you will see an option to register depending on your store apps and you just need to follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the release date is revealed, players will likely also receive more details regarding early access, including when the game will be available for download.

Rainbow Six Mobile trailer and gameplay

Ubisoft unveiled the official Rainbow Six Mobile trailer on April 5 and players can take a look at what’s in store by watching the video above. Pre-alpha footage was used for the trailer, so the full version of the game should be fully polished.

Nonetheless, fans of the franchise can get a glimpse of the iconic five-on-five Attackers vs Defenders gameplay that should delight gamers. Rainbow Six Mobile will offer unique operator skills and the destructible environments that are synonymous with siege.

R6 Mobile Cards

The official webpage also reveals information regarding the first two maps announced for Rainbow Six Mobile. Fans of the franchise will notice the inclusion of classic Rainbow Six locations. So far both Bank and Frontier have been confirmed as cards with more to be announced at a later date.

Rainbow Six Mobile Operators

The official website also revealed ten operators in total so far. The five operators on the attacker’s side include Ash, Sledge, Tic, thermiteand hibana. Meanwhile, the five operators on the defender’s side are Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrieand Mute.

Each Operator will have unique skills that are sure to add to Rainbow Six Mobile’s tactical gameplay.

This pretty much covers everything we know about Rainbow Six Mobile so far, but be sure to check back as we’ll be updating this section with new information as it’s revealed.

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Image credit: Ubisoft

Casey J. Nelson