ProtonMail is working on a desktop email client and rewritten mobile apps

ProtonMail is a popular encrypted email service, created by the same folks behind ProtonVPN. It’s one of the best options for sending secure messages over the internet, but applications for accessing your ProtonMail inbox have never been amazing. Fortunately, the developers have a plan to fix this problem.

ProtonMail currently has a web client, a “Bridge” desktop client (which lets you use any email app on your computer with Proton without reduced security), an Android app, and an iOS app. Proton laid out its roadmap for 2022 in a blog post, which mentions that the reworked iOS app currently in beta will be released for everyone “in the coming weeks.”

The Android app also has a revamped version in beta, but that will take a bit longer to arrive. Proton said: “Android will require more work as we rewrite the app more, with a focus on performance and stability. […] Android will require more work as we rewrite the app more, with a focus on performance and stability. Proton is also working on improvements to its servers, which will allow notifications for previously read messages to automatically disappear (just like Gmail). Encrypted full-text search is also being developed for Android and iOS apps.

Finally, Proton is experimenting with a dedicated email client for Mac, Linux, and Windows. There is no general timeline yet, but it will be developed with the cross-platform Electron framework. It’s a little disappointing that Proton isn’t testing a more native framework for building desktop apps, but as long as the Bridge app remains in place, it’s still relatively easy to use ProtonMail with a native email client.

The full roadmap also mentions ongoing improvements for ProtonVPN, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive. Check out the source link below for all the details.

Source: ProtonMail

Casey J. Nelson