New State Mobile: step-by-step guide for players to participate in The Exhibit Hall challenge

Krafton recently showed off the Exhibit Hall, a new Team Deathmatch map for New State Mobile. Since its launch, players are enjoying brand new TDP map in the game. Organizers have added a brand new challenge for players where players have the privilege to earn new rewards if they are able to win the challenge.

New State Mobile: The Exhibit Hall Challenge is live for players and according to organizers, the player whose teams are victorious in the new map The Exhibit Hall Team Deathmatch will have a chance to win a share of 20,000 battle points which is only limited to 25 players. To participate in the exclusive event, one must follow the process mentioned below.

1. In the #exhibit-tdm-info channel, choose and click the reaction for your current region and device type.

2. Once you have reacted to your role, a channel called #tdm-submissions will appear for the user to submit your application.

The #exhibit-tdm-info channel will provide detailed guidelines on how a player can enter the contest. Players must provide a winning TDM screenshot of the showroom TDM map next to their username in the #tdm-submissions channel to be eligible to enter the challenge. Players will also need to provide the exact username as the request will appear on the screen. Players who participate in the event must not change their nickname before the end of the event (otherwise they will be disqualified from the event).

Casey J. Nelson