Navi Defends Pandora in Latest Avatar Reckoning Mobile Action Movie Trailer

Naturally, the weapons of humans. No spears.

As part of the game’s presentation by Marvel Films and Disney yesterday, a new screening of the mobile action film Avatar Reckoning took place, dedicated to protecting the NaVi people of their home planet Pandora from the unauthorized acts of evil people. The developers limited themselves to one video but even that, due to the very low frequency of what the developers tell us about its features, can be called a big deal.

The authors mention the passing story/cooperative mode, and network PvP, where players can fight with other users. Moreover, the personalization system goes far beyond what the product is going to be monetized. The player can customize their appearance and modify their weapon with a number of body kits for specific fighting styles.


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At this time, we know that only Avatar Reckoning is created for iOS and Android devices. Currently, there is not even an approximate release date for the project yet.

Casey J. Nelson