Mobile RPG King Of Fighters Adds Krohnen And More In Latest Update

Netmarble, the publisher behind The King of Fighters Allstar, has released a new update to its popular RPG Fighting game. The update will introduce new in-game content with fighters, battle cards, and events.

XV Krohnen (purple element / defense type) will be playable as part of the new update. His extreme fighter abilities allow him to increase his fighter ATK by 40% and his critical rate by 12%. Krohnens’ special skills are multiple, including immunity to Petry and Darkness, and he recovers 15% HP when attacked with Ultimate Move. He is immune to DMG for three seconds when his health is below 30% or less, and he has a 30% chance to be immune to DMG for four seconds when attacked.

SS Kyo can now be upgraded to EX (yellow element/attack type) using a change kit from the in-game exchange shop. When Kyo is upgraded, it will increase his active skill DMG to enemies affected by Burn or Starlight by 60%-70%, and it will reduce the cooldown of his active skill by 0.03 seconds when he hits a target.

New cards will also be added to the game. Including the special Krohnen card gives the fighter a special skill when equipped. The list below shows all the buffs players get when the card is equipped:

  • Increases ATK by 2%
  • 4.5% active skill damage
  • 6% critical damage
  • Recovers 8% HP when in use

The update will also include the following new in-game events:

  • New Krohnen Rush Dungeon – Daily rewards include rare upgrade rubies and hammers, while players can get new battle cards from the Exchange Shop.
  • XV Krohnen Event Tower – Event is the EX Fighter version of Tower of Trials. This will unlock if XV Krohnen or SS Kyo is acquired. Players will have the opportunity to receive various rewards with each milestone completed, including Krohnen’s Coin, EXP Mystery Box, Memory Mystery Box of BS, or SS Fighters.
  • XV Krohnen Event Codex – Celebrating the launch of XV Krohnen, players can receive rewards for each completed mission. Rewards include the KOF Purple Soul as the first recruitment reward for XV Krohnen, while the Footprint Stone Selection Box will also be available with every Awakening. The Footprint Selection Box or Krohnen’s Coin can be obtained depending on the Awakening Level of the Fighter.
  • Additional Events: Players can participate in additional events, including Relay Roulette.

The King of Fighters Allstar is a free mobile game.

It can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

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