Mobile repair will also become expensive, the government has imposed a 15% tax on parts

Tax on moving spare parts: In a rising inflation environment, getting mobile repairs now is also going to be expensive. From the mobile screen to the SIM card tray to the power button, it will be expensive to replace it by repairing it. The government has decided to levy a basic customs duty (BCD) of 15% on moving parts. This information was provided by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBIC). CBIC said a rumor was circulating about the importation of the cellphone display assembly. Currently, a 10% customs duty is levied on the mobile phone screen assembly and zero duty on the importation of separate inputs or parts for the manufacture of the mobile phone assembly. ‘filter.

The display package ranges from touchscreen, protective glass, LED backlight and FPC. The CBIC has stated that if a cell phone display assembly is imported only with a metal or plastic back support frame, it will be less than 10% BCD, but with a separate metal/plastic back support frame. If it is also imported, a BCD of 15% will be imposed. It’s become a twisted little speech, but we’ll explain it to you in simple words. From now on, the parts used for the assembly of the displays will now be taxed separately, which was not collected before.

Metal/plastic with display assembly if other items like SIM tray, power supply, sensor, speaker, fingerprint, antenna pin, speaker net, main power supply, slide switch, battery compartment, flexible printed circuits (FPC) for volume, etc. If you import the rear support frame, a BCD rate of 15% must be applied to the entire assembly. Now, let’s understand this in simple words. Now, if you replace the screen with the whole frame, you will have to pay a higher price on the parts than before.

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Casey J. Nelson