Mobile is officially launched with the v2.0.2 update

Konami has begun the process of updating its game from eFootball 2022 to eFootball 2023.

With the new football season underway, eFootball 2023 arrived a full month earlier than EA’s fifa 23, but there were still a few issues to resolve.

The latest update, v2.0.2, is now officially launched on eFootball 2023 Mobile.

Launch of the v2.0.2 update on eFootball 2023 Mobile

The official eFootball Twitter account has just announced that the version 2.0.2 update has officially launched on the Mobile version of the game.

This effectively means that eFootball 2023 is now fully playable on mobile, which will be music to fans’ ears.

A number of general fixes were also applied, including issues affecting software and graphics stability.

The v2.0.2 update also fixed a bug where players who are shown in the starting line-up are mistakenly duplicated in the ‘Substitutes’ and ‘Reserves’ screens when using genuine squads in events.

The [Auto-pick players] functionality in the game plan has now been disabled for events that use authentic teams.

Find out all the details about the v2.0.2 update here.

Announcement eFootball 2023

The Twitter page also recently posted a thread outlining the new eFootball 2023 update and what fans can expect.

The full thread reads:

In preparation for the new season, we will update eFootball™ 2022 to eFootball™ 2023 at the end of August.

More information will be available soon, so stay tuned!

We will continue to collect as much feedback as possible from our esteemed users, and we will continue to improve and implement new features to make the game even more enjoyable for even more football fans.

As part of the update to eFootball™ 2023, your game resources and other data will be transferred.

Please refer to the game announcement for more information on the transfer process for game assets (eFootball™ coins, GP, etc.) and other data.

Thank you for being part of our community and kicking off eFootball™ 2023!

Casey J. Nelson