Hunter x Hunter joins Puzzle & Dragons mobile game for action-packed collaboration

Do you have what it takes to get your hunter’s license? For a limited time, mobile game Puzzle will put you to the test, thanks to a collaboration with Hunter X Hunter.

The collaboration, which is now underway, will match you with special characters just for your participation. Players who log in while the event is in progress will receive a free draw of two Hunter X Hunter Gacha commemorative egg machine. Familiar faces are up for grabs, including Gon, Hisoka, Chrollo, and Feitan:

Transmuted Blade, Gon

Hisoka, the magician

Troop Leader Chrollo

Phantom Troupe member, Feitan

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The event will also feature three dungeons: the “Hunter x Hunter” dungeon filled with characters from the series, the “Hunter x Hunter Phantom Troupe” dungeon where you can earn medals to redeem at the Monster Exchange, and “Hunter x Hunter Challenge! with a chance to win a free gacha pull. Plus, you can earn your hunter license at the Monster Exchange and give yourself a gacha boost with a trio of real-money premium packs.

the Hunter X Hunter collaboration will continue until May 29.

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