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One of the most popular crypto trading platforms is with over 50 million registered users.
The website has 250+ cryptocurrencies listed that you can buy, sell or trade.
The exchange also has its own token called “CRONOS” (aka CRO, read here why they renamed it), which gives you advantages when holding or staking.
Recently they introduced a popular NFT Market which is easy to use.

If you want to withdraw funds from your account, there are urgent information because you cannot withdraw funds from your crypto account. Here are the exact steps to withdraw funds from your account and be better prepared:

  • Things to consider in order not to lock your account balance (limits and checks)
  • How to withdraw cryptos from your account (Mobile app)
  • How to withdraw EURO (fiat) via SEPA from your account (Mobile app)
  • How to withdraw USD (fiat) via ACH from your account (Mobile app)
  • How to withdraw crypto, fiat (EUR or USD) from your account (Website Swap)
  • How to withdraw funds from your VISA from your account (how to avoid fees)
  • How to withdraw money from

24 hour freeze pickup address

Whenever you want to send cryptocurrency to a new address, this withdrawal address must be whitelisted For safety reasons:

Please note that the the newly inserted withdrawal address will have a 24-hour withdrawal freeze. Also, the same address must be whitelisted for each particular token or different network! So, add your withdrawal addresses now. App

How to whitelist a withdrawal address in your (mobile) account

To whitelist a pickup address:

  1. Select the “Accounts” tab
  2. Select “Crypto Wallet”
  3. Select your cryptocurrency
  4. Click “Transfer” and “Withdraw”
  5. Select “External Wallet”
  6. To add a new withdrawal address, click the “+ Add wallet address” button.
  7. The pickup address can be typed, copied or scanned (tap the blue QR code icon to scan the address).
    Tip: Remember to remove any blank spaces or other text that is not part of the withdrawal address when typing it (sometimes when you scan a QR code it will add something like “ethereum:” if you try to register it, you will get the error message “Invalid address”).
  8. Click CONTINUE after giving your wallet a name.
  9. Press “send” to receive an SMS and enter the verification code received (The code is only valid for five minutes)
  10. Next, enter the 2FA passcode generated by your authenticator app.
  11. DONE, you now have to wait 24 hours to use this whitelisted address for withdrawals. App

Withdrawal restriction for Exchange website

To withdraw cryptocurrencies from your exchange wallet, you must first be at Starter level or above.

Withdrawal limits and fees (cryptos)

Each coin has its own withdrawal limits and fees, you can find the updated list of withdrawal limits (cryptos) here.

There is a trick to bypass the withdrawal limit. Read here.

Fiat withdrawal has limits (read below)but no fees!

Withdrawal limits (USD)

(You can find the updated list of withdrawal limits (USD) here)

  • Minimum withdrawal limit (per request): 100 USD
  • Maximum daily withdrawal limit (rolling over 24 hours): 100,000 USD
  • Maximum daily withdrawal requests: 5 per 24 hours
  • Maximum monthly withdrawal limit (30 rolling days): 500,000 USD
  • Maximum monthly withdrawal requests: 30 times per month

Withdrawal limits (EURO)

  • Minimum (per request): 80 EUR
  • Daily maximum (rolling over 24 hours): EUR 100,000
  • Monthly maximum (30 rolling days): EUR 500,000

Why is the Euro withdrawal not ready for me?

Before you can withdraw euros, you must have made at least one successful euro deposit on the SEPA network to in accordance with compliance requirements.

You can activate it by:

  • Setting up the EUR wallet via SEPA
  • Deposit any EUR amount via SEPA once to save your bank account*
  • Banks from these countries are not supported for EURO withdrawals: Andorra, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco

CRO Token: the everyday cryptocurrency?

A app withdrawal is a transaction that involves sending cryptocurrency to an external address outside of the environment, such as a software wallet, exchange, or hardware wallet (be safe with the nano ledger*). Unlike transmitting cryptocurrency to another app user, these blockchain transactions incur fees. (read above)

here is Step-by-step guide to withdrawing your cryptos:

  1. Select the “Accounts” tab
  2. Select “Crypto Wallet”
  3. Select your cryptocurrency
  4. Click “Transfer” and “Withdraw”
  5. Select “External Wallet”
  6. Locate and select the whitelisted wallet address. (as previously mentioned)
  7. Enter your password or confirm using a biometric ID.
  8. Enter the 2FA passcode generated by your authenticator app.
  9. Press ‘send’ to receive an SMS message containing the mobile verification code (the code will be valid for 5 minutes).
  10. Enter the mobile verification code.
  11. Enter the amount and press “Withdraw”
  12. Wait for the withdrawal to be processed
  13. Once your withdrawal address has been confirmed, you will receive an email
  14. Then, when your request has been processed, you will receive another email.

How to withdraw USD from your account (Mobile app)

Withdraw USD from your Crypto Account

Transfer USD funds from the crypto com wallet to one or more US bank accounts via the ACH Network happens as follows, via the mobile application:

  1. “Accounts” tab
  2. Select “Fiat Wallet”
  3. Press the “Transfer” button
  4. Click “Remove”
  5. Tap your USD balance and withdraw USD App
  1. Select the preferred bank account if it has already been added.
  2. Check the details of the USD withdrawal and press Confirm to have it processed!
  3. Wait 3-5 business days and you will be notified via email and push notifications once the internal review has been completed by the team.
  4. Then it takes about 1-3 business days for the wire transfer to be processed by the network.

Withdraw euros from your crypto account users can withdraw money from the crypto app to their SEPA– compatible bank accounts.

Users must have made at least one successful EURO deposit via SEPA on the app as per compliance requirements before a withdrawal will be allowed.

The steps are the same as for USD, so read above for detailed steps.

All the steps you need are:

  1. Visit and select the Connect button (upper right corner).
  2. After logging into your account, click on Wallets>Spot Wallet (upper right corner).
  3. Find your cryptocurrency to withdraw and select Withdraw.
  4. Select the withdrawal address from the drop-down list and check the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Select “Review Withdrawal” once you’re ready.
  6. Revise Remove details. The amount you receive will be the amount after deducting the withdrawal fee, if any.
  7. Enter your OTP SMS and Google verification code
  8. Select Confirm Withdrawal. Withdrawals to external wallets can take up to 2 hours to process.

This is tricky because does not allow it to withdraw your funds from the visa card.

You have two options:

  • Paying for goods with your visa card (you can use western union or PayPal to send it to a friend)
  • Pay a $50 fee and contact [email protected] and they will transfer the funds back.

In order to properly withdraw your funds before deleting your account, you should definitely check out this blog post.

VISA Card Midnight Blue —
  • A newly inserted withdrawal address will have a withdrawal freeze of 24 hours.
  • You can avoid the $50 fee for withdrawing funds to your Visa card using PayPal
  • You have limits for all kinds of withdrawals
  • You have withdrawal fees only for cryptos to external wallets

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