How to install Aim Lab Mobile on iPhone right now!

If you’re someone who regularly plays Battle Royale and tactical FPS games, I’m sure you’ve used (or at least heard of) Aim Lab to hone your aiming and tracking skills. Aim Lab has proven to be a great learning tool for gamers to improve their skills in games of all genres, such as Valorant and Apex Legends. Now the company behind Aim Lab has brought its aiming trainer to mobile platforms. So here’s everything you need to know about Aim Lab Mobile right now. Plus, we’ve covered how you can install Aim Lab Mobile on iPhone devices right away!

AimLab Mobile arrives in beta on iPhone

A few weeks ago, Riot Games, the developer of hugely popular online titles like League of Legends and Valorant, acquired a minority stake in Aim developer Lab Statespace. At the time, Statespace CEO Wayne Mackey confirmed bringing Aim Lab to mobile platformsincluding iOS and Android.

“We are launching Aim Lab mobile next month. He’s ready to go” mackey Told The Washington Post at the time. Although Mackey didn’t provide any release schedule for Aim Lab Mobile, the developer has now started testing aiming trainer on iOS/iPadOS devices before its official release.

So we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide that you can use to download the Aim Lab Mobile beta to your iPhone using Apple’s beta testing app, Tesflight.

How to Download Aim Lab Mobile Beta on iPhone

Now, before moving on to the steps, it is worth mentioning that you will need an Apple device running a supported iOS version and the Testflight app. The Testflight app, for those unaware, lets you beta test unreleased apps or new features to provide valuable feedback to developers.

So if you have an iOS device, you must first go to the App Store to get the Testflight app. Then follow the steps below to get Aim Lab Mobile working.

1. Once you have installed the Testflight app, click on Aim Lab Mobile Testflight link right here.

2. The link will take you to the Testflight app, where you need to accept invitation to download Aim Lab Mobile.

3. After accepting, you will see the “Installbutton. Tap it and Testflight will automatically install Aim Lab Mobile on your iPhone.

install the lens lab mobile test flight link

So now you can go to your app library section and tap the Aim Lab icon to start training your aim on mobile and test your skills in different exercises. You can also add Aim Lab Mobile to your iOS device’s home screen for easy access by long-pressing it and selecting the “Add to Home Screen” option. There’s currently no word on when the goal trainer will reach Android users – in beta or stable form.

Aim Lab Mobile: Features and first impressions

Following the successful installation of Aim Lab Mobile on my iPhone 12 mini, running iOS 15.5, I tested it briefly to give you a quick overview of its features and my experience. The Goal Coach worked pretty well on my device with no visual lag or issueswhich is impressive for an application in its infancy.

There is currently a time-limited drill for players to practice different types of aiming and tracking skills. Completing exercises will earn players in-game rewards and achievements. Additionally, after completing a specific exercise, the app will show detailed reports, much like the PC version, highlighting various aspects of your performance, your strengths and your weaknesses. You can check out this short gameplay video to get an idea of ​​how Aim Lab Mobile works:

Aim Lab mobile currently supports predefined control UIs for popular mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. Players can also select the desired control layout and customize the position, opacity, and size of on-screen control buttons to suit their play style.

Aim Lab comes to mobile;  Here's how to get it on iOS right now!

Overall, the Aim Lab Mobile experience was pretty good in my brief tests. I’ve used Aim Lab on PC before and can confirm that a similar experience is offered here for mobile users. Although, the mobile version needs more work in terms of game-specific environments and more aiming and movement exercises.

Why is Statespace launching Aim Lab on mobile?

Aim Lab has become a very popular aiming trainer among PC gamers, and it can help you solidify your understanding of aiming and tracking enemies in some of the best FPS games. Now, witnessing the growth of the mobile gaming industry in the recent past, Statespace believes that now is the best time to capitalize on the opportunity and provide gamers with an aim trainer in Aim Lab Mobile.

Additionally, Riot Games has already confirmed that it will soon bring its massively popular tactical FPS title Valorant to mobile platforms, and the fact that it recently invested in Statespace, the release of Aim Lab mobile makes perfect sense now. . Additionally, in the future, Aim Lab Mobile may add support for more online multiplayer titles such as Valorant Mobile, BGMI, and the hugely popular Apex Legends Mobile. However, an official release date is still secret. So yes, stay tuned for further updates on the launch of Aim Lab Mobile. Also, if you try Aim Lab Mobile on your iOS device, let us know your experience in the comments below.

Casey J. Nelson