How Apex Legends Mobile differs from the main game

Apex Legends has become one of the most popular multiplayer games over the past few years. And now, with the recently released mobile version, Apex Legends gamers can get their fix on just about any device.

While Apex Legends Mobile does a surprisingly excellent job recreating the same classic Apex Legends the experience that console and PC gamers have enjoyed for the past few years, there are a few key differences that set it apart from those versions. And in a rather surprising turn of events, these differences are actually all quite positive.


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A choice of third person or first

One of the first console and PC differences Summit players may notice the ability to switch between different camera perspectives on the fly. By simply pressing a small button at the bottom left of the screen, players can switch between first-person and third-person views.

First-person shooters on mobile are notoriously finicky, with movement and camera controls often quite difficult to use. With Apex Legends Mobile allowing the use of both camera perspectives, players can choose whether they prefer a perspective closer to the usual experience, or one that suits the mobile platform a bit better.

A wider range of fire

One of the most interesting additions of Apex Legends Mobile is its more fleshed out firing range mode. For quite some time now, Summit fans wanted the Firing Range mode overhauled, bringing a set of challenges to the mode along with infinite ammo and a few modifiers. Apex Legends Mobile does just that, allowing players to activate moving targets, set objectives, and test each weapon with infinite ammo.

Unlocking legends is much easier

Unlock legends in Apex Legends Mobile is much easier than its console and PC counterparts. Where in the classic version of Summitlegends are only unlocked via Apex Coins (in-game purchases) or with lots of grinding, Apex Legends Mobile just gives his captions for free. As players continue to play matches and level up in Apex Legends Mobile, they will start unlocking more and more legends, starting with Lifeline. So while it may still take a while to get a full list, it’s considerably less time than the full version requires.

A permanent Deathmatch mode

Where the full version of Apex Legends has received a number of Deathmatch-like modes over the years, these tend to be time-limited events. Apex Legends Mobile started life with a permanent Deathmatch mode already integrated. For those new to mobile shooters, this mode features small-scale matches that should help teach basic game controls and the general ins and outs of combat.

An exclusive legend

By far the most unique aspect of Apex Legends Mobile is his exclusive legend, Fade. Fade can be acquired by leveling up the mobile version’s Battle Pass and earning enough Fade Pieces, or simply purchasing it for 750 Syndicate Gold, that version’s equivalent of Apex Coins.

Fade’s abilities work quite well on the mobile platform, with his passive giving him a temporary speed boost after sliding, and his tactical ability allowing him to teleport to his previous location, much like Tracer’s ability in Surveillance. Fade’s Ultimate, Phase Chamber, creates a void in the arena, blocking enemies and teammates’ ability to take or deal damage, while slowing their movement speed. This Ultimate should work pretty well for putting a momentary pause in a tense firefight, giving teams the chance to heal themselves if they’re quick enough.

Apex Legends is available now for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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