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Secret Island Club’s first pay-2-earn game is due out shortly after the mint and it’s inspired by the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup. one of the greatest sporting competitions in the world. world and the launch of one of the main public services that CIS holders will soon be able to enjoy. The team behind the project laid the groundwork for an engaging and enduring NFT story from the start. With that in mind, they employed the best game developers they could find. Here’s what to expect.

It has been a difficult few months. With each step forward, we took two steps back. But rest assured, it was because we wanted to. We made security our top priority and that was the price we paid,” said Ivan, lead game developer for the Secret Island Club.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, numerous collaborations with major brands and their own ambitious projects, Ivan and his team admit that this is a whole new kind of gig. Security can’t just be a facade, it’s the heart of the game. If it works, great. If he fails, everything fails with him.

The Secret Island Club is developing an auto-battle play-2-earn football game. The game is built around players’ strategic choices before each match, and holders can earn tokens as they play. They will be able to play against each other, one CIS holder against another CIS holder, but the matches themselves will be automated and the score will depend on each team’s strengths and weaknesses.

CIS holders will be able to use their own Flavios, CIS’ NFT art characters, as managers, scouts, or coaches of their teams. How they go about using them will directly affect their team’s victory. For example, if they send their scouts to search for talent for a longer period of time, the more likely they are to find quality players. Depending on their playing skills and success, holders will earn SIC tokens. This is where the whole project becomes even more interesting for all of us and a more serious challenge for game developers.

In addition to these classic security concerns such as data encryption and server reliability, there is the question of a secure transfer of data between our servers and cardholder wallets. Blockchain as a system makes it easier for us to set up some of these processes, but as a community of users it is very critical of too many nodes tied together – says Ivan.

The development team wants every holder to be able to easily connect their wallet to the game. Firstly, so that holders can use their authentic Flavio as a character and at the same time verify that they are the holder. Secondly, to be able to offer a multiplayer option in the game, whether the holders know each other or not.

We spent more than half of our time on security. It’s almost funny because there are a lot of other things you need to understand in game development much earlier in the process, and many don’t even consider security until the very last step – shares another team member.

This is just the beginning. FIFA 2022 served as inspiration for a game, but it’s only the first before many. We wanted to prepare the first game in such a way that it was easily adaptable to other themes and challenges with the same auto-battle, play-2-win principles. We invite our community to contribute with new ideas – added Marko, a successful entrepreneur and increasingly enthusiastic about founding the Secret Island Club.

During their last game development AMA, Ivan was asked about the best channel for in-game user experience.

It really depends on the user and their preferences, how they will experience the game and whether it will make more sense for them to play it via their smartphone or a VR set. Many industry players first develop a web game and then upgrade it to augmented or virtual reality. But that didn’t make much sense to us. About 60% of all games are played on phones and we wanted this utility to be truly accessible anytime and anywhere – concludes Ivan.

The Secret Island Club hits its Flavios next Monday, June 27. In the meantime, more previews of the game will be posted on their Discord channel, Twitter and Instagram.

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Casey J. Nelson