HeftyVerse and Ajay Devgn Release Runway 34 Game in Metaverse

HeftyVerse, a web 3.0 initiative by Hungama, is set to take another big step into the metaverse as the brand partners with one of Bollywood celebrities, Ajay Devgn, to launch Runway 34 game into the metaverse. Themed for the film’s April 29 release, the game launched at an event attended by the actor and Neeraj Roy, founder of Hungama and the HeftyVerse.

The announcement is the second between Ajay Devgn and the HeftyVerse that features the actor in a metaverse avatar. Earlier in March, the superstar entered this universe as a character inspired by his OTT series and “Rudra – The Edge of Darkness” providing users with an entertaining experience. “Available on HeftyVerse.xyz, the game will provide users with an immersive and thrilling experience from start to finish,” according to the company.

Bringing together moviegoers and gamers, users, as Ajay’s co-pilot, will attempt to make a safe emergency landing. Time is running out, AjayDevgn character Captain Vikrant Khanna will give the player all the instructions.

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“Filled with challenges and challenging levels, the Runway game will see users get that instant adrenaline rush that the movie brings,” according to HeftyVerse. Alongside the game, a slew of digital collectibles from the characters of Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan and Rakul PreetSingh in the film will be available as NFTs.

Commenting on the announcement, actor Ajay Devgn said, “It’s great to be back on the metaverse, that too with Hungama. It’s important to adapt to the times and to be present on mediums whose popularity continues to skyrocket day by day. Track 34 being so gripping and full of non-stop suspense, I share the same excitement as each of them to play the Game.”

Casey J. Nelson