Gwanda pensioners benefit from a mobile clinic

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Yoliswa Dube-Moyo, Head of Matabeleland South Office
Gwanda PENSIONERS have started to benefit from a fully equipped mobile clinic which will be run by the National Social Security Authority (Nssa) in the mining town for a month as part of its medical outreach programme.

The mobile clinic, which will also travel to the mines of the province for the diagnosis and treatment of pneumoconiosis in miners, will offer free services.

The medical outreach program is part of the Social Security provider’s efforts to protect retirees with non-cash benefits in addition to their pension payouts.

Miner – Image from Shuttersock

One of the beneficiaries of the mobile clinic, Mrs. Agenia Ndlovu from Gwanda town, applauded the initiative saying that she was of great help as she also received the drugs prescribed by the clinic.

Ms Ndlovu said her husband died in 2003 and she has been receiving a pension and benefits since then.

“Now that some of us are old, we have to keep a close eye on our health. The mobile clinic has been very helpful as we can be treated without paying anything. We have also managed to access some medicines through this clinic , so we are very grateful for that,” Ms. Ndlovu said.

mobile clinic

Another pensioner, Mr Regis Mare, said the drugs were expensive and the mobile clinic had lightened the load.

“Although some have clinics and other health facilities close to their homes, the biggest challenge is accessing medicines. We don’t get much money as retirees and some of the medications we take are expensive. This clinic has been very helpful as we can see the doctors and get treatment for free,” Mr Mare said.

Retirees also received other non-monetary benefits such as grocery allowances, discounted grocery programs with SPAR and the OK group of stores, waiver of bank charges for Nssa retirees doing business with NBS and POSB as well as a revolving fund with POSB and NBS. where retirees can obtain loans at subsidized rates for income-generating projects.


Nssa Director General, Mr Arthur Manase, said retirees should benefit from empowerment projects such as goat breeding schemes to enable the generation of additional income.

“Realizing that social security payouts can never be sufficient anywhere in the world, the Nssa has gone further by offering various non-monetary benefits in collaboration with its partners,” Mr. Manase said.
He said the government had authorized a payment increase which had not yet been published.

“We have heard from pensioners that the current payments are insufficient. As Nssa, we are determined to enrich the lives of our retirees. We are committed to periodic pension reviews and I am pleased to report that the government has authorized an increase which we will soon implement and which will be backdated to April 1.

Mr Arthur MANASE

Our retirees have something to watch out for. We know that pensions will never be enough, so we continue our fight to ensure that retirees have other income generating activities to engage in to ensure that they improve their livelihoods,” he said. he declares.

“We are continuing our revolving loans so retirees can start income-generating projects. We are continuing our goat breeding projects which will create additional sources of income for retirees. We also engage in economic activities that will also bring additional income to retirees.

We have a mobile clinic where retirees can receive quality medical care. Some projects will soon be announced where retirees can be our partners and thus, we improve their livelihoods. — @Yolisswa

Casey J. Nelson