FullStory Advances Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) for Mobile Applications

ATLANTE, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Full storythe leader of digital experience intelligence (DXI), today announced continued enhancements to FullStory for Mobile Apps to help businesses deliver in-app experiences that meet or exceed user expectations. The flexible and powerful solution breaks new ground in mobile analytics, providing advanced insights and recommended actions to improve the app experience across multiple devices and operating systems. FullStory for Mobile Apps uniquely captures the dynamic structure of the mobile app itself, not a visual record, so users can more efficiently optimize the entire app journey, without sacrificing consumer privacy. , app performance, or developer resources.

“Understanding mobile app experiences can feel like a black box, and traditional product analytics does little to enlighten product and engineering teams,” said Agata Bugaj, SVP Product at FullStory. “Unlike other wired or video capture-based solutions, FullStory for mobile apps is uniquely designed to deliver superior fidelity, performance, and intelligence while proactively protecting end-user privacy. With FullStory, companies have full transparency over What happens and Why, which makes it easier to identify the best next steps to improve the mobile experience.”

This unique approach and value translates into measurable improvements for brands across all industries, driving record ten-fold adoption of FullStory’s mobile app solution in the past 12 months, as businesses extend the benefits of DXI to all channels.

“CINC’s family of Android and iOS apps enables consumers and real estate professionals to stay productive on the go,” said Josh Loweproduct manager at CINC, a national financial company of Fidelity. “With FullStory for Mobile Apps, we can understand precisely what is happening to these very different mobile users, across multiple apps and operating systems. Features like custom events, dashboards and funnels allow us to ‘optimize our product roadmap based on information we can ‘capture nowhere else and track our progress against meaningful product metrics that drive our business forward With FullStory, we’re confident we’re building new features fun and exciting, and that generate the most value for the company.

Increasing Mobile Experiences Demand a Tailored Solution
With more than 58% of consumers doing at least half of their online shopping on their phone, understanding and optimizing the mobile experience matters more than ever. However, the channel continues to underdeliver when it comes to bottom line. According to Forrester Research’s 2021 U.S. Smartphone and Tablet Online Retail Forecast, “mobile conversion rates are only about half of tablet and desktop conversion rates, and the value average order on mobile devices, despite its growth, also remains below that of its peers”.

Instead of relying on visual recording and playback, FullStory for Mobile Apps provides the industry’s first true DXI solution designed specifically for mobile experiences. The FullStory platform uniquely captures the structure of the native application and automatically identifies clicks, scrolls, screen elements and user engagement statistics. The platform then combines machine learning-based pattern analysis and anomaly detection with anonymized data signals to power vector-based session reconstruction – a superior alternative to video capture – and make bring out the needs and frustrations of end users. The insights include necessary context about console, operating systems, and device information so teams can quickly replicate and fix crashes and errors and understand user experiences exactly how they happened.

The solution is designed from the ground up for complex mobile experiences that involve single operating systems, codebases, development and engineering teams, and cloud operations. Key features include:

  • Intelligence: In addition to supporting basic metrics available for web products, the solution includes mobile-focused signals, such as “navigate to screen”, “crash” and “low memory”, to which it does not It’s not possible to access with a traditional visual capture approach. .
  • Privacy: With FullStory’s DXI architecture, sensitive information is excluded from capture from the start. Fine-grained privacy controls allow FullStory users to collect only what they need to improve the product, keeping sensitive data on their users’ devices.
  • Fidelity: FullStory’s vector-based approach includes an SDK with build tools and direct access to static assets such as images and fonts, ensuring teams never have to choose between file size and high build loyalty.
  • Performance: Instead of assembling snapshots of an application’s output, FullStory for mobile apps captures changes to drawing commands, producing high-performance session replay. This ensures that product and engineering teams get the quantitative and qualitative insights needed to create better experiences, without bogging down the experience itself.

For more information on DXI for Mobile Experience and FullStory for Mobile Apps, please visit https://www.fullstory.com/mobile-apps/ and download DXI for the Mobile Experience: Privacy, Performance, and Bandwidth.

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FullStory’s digital experience intelligence platform enables businesses to continuously improve their digital customer experience across sites and apps. The platform proactively presents actionable insights from billions of data points, helping thousands of companies, including Fortune 100 companies and the world’s most innovative consumer brands, drive digital improvements based on evidence that reduce costs and recover revenue. The company is headquartered in Atlanta and private with the support of Permira, Kleiner Perkins, GV, Stripes, Dell Technologies Capital, Salesforce Ventures and Glynn Capital. For more information, visit fullstory.com.

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