Former King Team Raises $3M To Bring Bitcoin To Mobile Gaming | Pocket

Newly formed pnkfrg studios – pronounced pink frog studios – founded by ex-King team leaders, raised $3 million in seed funding to create mobile gaming experiences through the blockchain network.

The company was co-founded by Philipp Lanik, former executive producer of Candy Crush Saga; Ferran Puñet Soriano, former senior director of business performance at King; King’s former senior producer Alexander Chroust; and Tanja Turunen, formerly of IT consultancy Netlight.

The team has considerable expertise in F2P and casual mobile games on one of the biggest mobile franchises. However, pnkfrg studios’ mission – to “create[e] a new casual mobile experience by transforming user-generated video content into an interactive gaming experience supported by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network” – remains loosely defined.

“A Paradigm Shift in Casual Mobile Gaming”

Lanik, CEO of pnkfrg studios, said, “We founded pnkfrg studios because we believe in a paradigm shift in casual mobile gaming as well as a new way of doing digital financial transactions. Gamers and creators seek to be rewarded for their time, want to own and trade digital assets, and expect to earn value for their skills and contribution while having fun.

“With our product, we are meeting the needs of the mobile native generation and social creators. We want them to play our games on their daily commute or on their breaks, get crypto rewards for their engagement and give them the opportunity to spend, save or donate in real life – directly, frictionless, rewarding. The Bitcoin Lightning Network with its low-cost microtransaction is a perfect solution to support our vision”

Despite the considerable low experiences with NFT, cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming markets, the mobile gaming industry still covers considerable bets on blockchain gaming and gambling to win, with blockchain gaming generating 3, $2 billion – 50% – from private investment deals. throughout 2021.

Casey J. Nelson