FIRMACHAIN ​​launches ‘FIRMA STATION’ mobile app

– Participate in the FIRMACHAIN ​​ecosystem without any physical restrictions
– Intuitive, convenient and visual user experience

FIRMACHAIN ​​Officially Launches Firma Station Mobile App

[FIRMACHAIN] On the 3rd, trust-based blockchain platform FIRMACHAIN ​​announced the official launch of the FIRMA STATION mobile app that users can use to participate in the company’s Colosseum mainnet ecosystem.

The beta version of the Firma Station mobile application was first released last April. To ensure the security and overall product quality of the app, Colosseum mainnet Genesis validators and other testers participated in the multiple rounds of testing before the official launch of the app.

The Firma Station mobile app allows users to easily participate in the Colosseum ecosystem without any physical restrictions and create new wallets. The app supports the registration of multiple wallets on one device, thus allowing users to create multiple wallets depending on the purpose of the wallet, such as a wallet for staking or a wallet for token transfer.

The application has been developed in order to provide a more intuitive, practical and visual user experience.

The amount of FCT in possession, staking status, and recent transaction history are all intuitively displayed on the mobile app. Additionally, the app automatically converts the monetary value of crypto assets in possession to more than ten major fiat currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Due to the relatively nascent nature of the blockchain ecosystem, the “Help” feature that helps those new to blockchain easily navigate the app, the “QR Code” and “Paste Address” feature that allows users to easily transfer tokens from one wallet to another and the “Security” feature that automatically reserves enough funds to pay fees for transactions that may take place at a later date are all available on the mobile app. The last feature is an additional feature which, when activated, automatically reserves a certain amount of FCT from the respective transaction.

The Firma Station mobile application has improved the visibility of certain information offered on the application, thus improving the visual UX of the user. Some font sizes have been adjusted while different information is displayed in different colors so that users can distinguish them more easily.

The application is divided into three main categories: Wallet, Staking and Governance.

In the wallet category, users can check the amount of FCT in possession, monetary value of FCT in possession, staking status, and recent transaction history. Additionally, users can transfer FCT from one wallet to another wallet.

In the staking category, users can check the overall staking status, view validator information, choose validators to delegate their tokens to, withdraw all rewards, categorize delegation type, and check validator status.

The governance on the mobile application is slightly different from that of the desktop application. Anyone in possession of FCT can participate in the governance of FIRMACHAIN ​​by registering a rational proposal or voting on a proposal. However, the mobile application only offers users to vote on proposals and not to save a proposal. Since recorded proposals can guide the network’s future action plan, the FIRMACHAIN ​​team limited the recording of proposals to the Firma Station desktop application so that users remain circumspect when entering parameters. (data) of a proposal.

“We expect the Firma Station mobile app to make it easier for ordinary users to participate in the FIRMACHAIN ​​ecosystem,” said Young In Yoon, CEO of FIRMACHAIN. “The fact that the app supports biometric authentication speaks to the convenience of the app as well as its remarkable security. Additionally, the fact that the app automatically locks a connected wallet after detecting the activity of user or lack thereof shows how much we care about safeguarding our user’s crypto assets.

Users can download Firma Station mobile app by searching “FIRMASTATION” on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

To distinguish FIRMACHAIN’s FCT from another project that uses the same ticker, FIRMACHAIN ​​is listed as FCT/FCT2 on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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