Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Celebrating six years of mobile RPG

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius celebrates its sixth anniversary and launches new limited-time events and in-game rewards for everyone. There are special anniversary challenges and campaigns where players can earn unique new rewards. Players can also look forward to collecting fan-favorite units.

Here are the events and their rewards that players can participate in as part of the celebration:

  • Gift from the producer

  • New original world units

    • Players can now attempt to summon both Core Forces Wylk and Paladin Sylvie.

    • They are now available as new original world Neo Vision units with brand new CG animated limit bursts.

    • Summon rates of Neo Vision units, such as the previously available Storm Seeker Esther, are increased.

    • Updated abilities include an improved Limit Burst with a morale-based damage process that allows players to deal even more damage in Clash of Wills.

  • Neo Vision Empowered Summons

    • Wylk Discounted Progressive Summon starting August 3.

    • Players can get a guaranteed NV unit in Stage 4.

    • Players can summon from the banner in stages 1-4 with discounted Lapis.

  • Premium Summon of P.Sylvie/SSEsther NV

    • Players can get Summon Coin (P.Sylvie/SSEsther) and NV Exchange Ticket (P.Sylvie/SSEsther) in stages 2 and 3.

    • Perform a total of 3 summons from Stages 1-3, and the fourth Summon from Stage 4 can be performed for free.

    • This event ends on July 13.

There are also additional birthday campaigns which include:

  • 6th Anniversary Free 60 Weekly Summon

    • Players can summon 60 units each week during the campaign period.

    • The weekly summon is available for a total of eight weeks, so if players summon every week, they can get up to 480 free units in total.

    • New units are added to the summon pool every week until the last summon is available from August 18 to September 7.

  • 6th Anniversary Login Bonus

    • Players who log in every day from June 30 to August 24 can get 24,000 lapis by collecting the rewards of all three parts of the 6th Anniversary Login Bonus.

    • Players who log in before July 20 receive a special ticket that allows them to select a unit of their choice from a pool of powerful NV units.

  • Original 6th Anniversary Vision Cards

    • Three original 6th anniversary vision cards are available.

    • They are designed by several illustrators who have worked on Square Enix titles like Rubi Asami, Toshitaka Matsuda, and Yukihiro Kajimoto.

    • Players can obtain one of the vision cards, “On to Another Journey” from the early summer login bonus.

Check out all the in-game events here. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available on Android and iOS.

Casey J. Nelson