FIFA Mobile 22 Spring Showdown Guide

After a dull Main transfers event, and between Champions League and Lantern Festival EventsEA is bringing back a recurring event FIFA Mobile 22 spring showdown! The sun is shining and Spring Showdown is here! Walk through the Showdown Pass and jump into the Egg hunt to earn rewards for your team!

FIFA Mobile 22 Spring Showdown Event Description

  • Event duration: April 21 – May 5 (14 days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Spring Showdown Event Stream

spring showdown

Start by claiming the Daily Spring Claim to win Showdown Tickets and spring baskets. You will receive 1 Spring Showdown ticket play a Skill game or Match. Complete them and claim your rewards. So every day you will log in and claim your Daily Spring Claim, get Showdown Tickets and Baskets which in turn will allow you to play the matches or games of skill.

Spring Showdown Path (Image via Electronic Arts)

There is no question of failing or losing Skill Games or Matches as they are easy and each third daythere is a AI matching. You will receive daily in-game resources from Coins, Skill Boosts, and 88+ OVR Spring Showdown players. Upon completion of the path, you will receive a 92 OVR player based on your choice from Federico Valverde CM, Sardar Azmoun STand David Ospina GK.

There’s an additional path below that can be unlocked by purchasing the Showdown Pass with egg-star rewards, including a 89 OVR AD Cristian Pavon and a Spring Showdown Master Player, yes it is none other than 93 OVR CB Sergio Ramos!

Egg hunt

the egg baskets of Daily Spring Claim can be used in the Egg Hunt Chapter. With your baskets of eggs, which you claim from the Spring Showdown, head to the Egg Hunt chapter. There are three egg-celent slots which offer different rewards. Here you have the choice between three different baskets, namely: bird house, watering can, and Palisade.

egg hunt spring mobile fifa showdown
Egg Hunt Baskets (Image via Electronic Arts)
  • bird house: The birds seem to leave a lot of scraps and take all the shiny rewards with them. When the birds leave you alone, your basket is safe.
  • watering can: Currency overflows into the watering can, but daily rewards are washed away. A little water does not break your basket but sometimes suffers water damage.
  • Palisade: Take a look at the rewards near the stockade. Valuable rewards seem to be nearby, but the fear of an angry neighbor constantly leads to losing baskets.

Additionally, there is a rewarding journey on expenses spring baskets on the Egg Hunt chapter. Progress through milestones to claim players, resources, and a End of era 90 OVR ST Jermain Defoe! There is also an additional stage reward for a Enhanced Base Icon 90 OVR LW Thierry Henry and Event Icon 95 OVR CAM Hidetoshi Nakata.

FIFA Mobile 22 Spring Showdown Event Currencies

spring basket

  • Earn them by claiming your Spring Daily Claim.
  • Use them in the Egg Hunt Chapter for Awards.

Showdown ticket

  • Earn them by claiming your Spring Daily Claim.
  • Use them in the spring chapter player Skill games and matches unlock Awards.

Egg shell

  • Earn them from Egg Hunt Chapter.
  • Combine them in the Rebreather for more spring baskets

Point of choice

  • Earn them at the end of the Reward Path in the spring chapter.
  • Spend them at the end of the Reward Path claim a 92 OVR Spring Player or Coins

Running math for F2P players

According to our calculations, the following summarizes the chances of F2P players.

Resource management

spring tickets egg baskets
Daily Spring Claim 14 84
Total 14 84
Credits: Luixen S’s Twitter

There’s no luck with the Spring Showdown event. The table above is all you can get from the Spring Showdown path with or without the pass.

Total a minimum of 14 spring tickets and 84 egg baskets are available in free-to-play

free path Passing path
3x 88+ Spring Showdown OVR players 2x 88+ Spring Showdown OVR players
290 skill bonuses 1170 skill bonuses
675,000 pieces 2,025,000 coins
Free Spring Emote Spring Showdown User Logo
92 OVR Spring Showdown Player or 2 million coins 89 OVR AD Cristian Pavon
93 OVR CB Sergio Ramos
Credits: Georik’s Twitter

The event is quite simple and the calculations above are all you can get from the event. No event resources are available from the Star Pass and no Challenge Mode is present for Spring Showdown.

FIFA Mobile 22 Spring Showdown Event Tips & Tricks

Being one of the first events in FIFA Mobile 22, Spring Showdown is a very, very basic mini-event. It’s not even a real event, with a game of skill or an AI match. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything, so let’s explain it here.

Now, tips for the event. Play everything. Complete your daily skill game or AI match that you can very easily. Be glad there’s no more event energy or stamina involved in the new season. We don’t face the constant fear of energy being wasted and full nor has there been a single advertisement since the game was released. So yeah, enjoy it while you can.

Egg Hunt Milestones

Player spring baskets mandatory
90 ST Jermain Defoe 95
90 AG Thierry Henry 230
95 CAME Hidetoshi Nakata 450
Choice of 92 OVR players Late Spring Confrontation Path

Now if you remember the egg hunt is the same renamed fishing hole from last year summer celebration. So you will only want to opt for the bird house which looks exactly like the Off the dock since last year. Doing this will give you a better chance of egg shellsin turn, more rounds to rewards and help you progress through the milestone.

mobile fifa milestones
Egg Hunt Milestones (Image via Electronic Arts)

So, spending more eggshells will give you maximum chances in the milestone at Defoe, Henry, and Nakata. the End of era 90 OVR ST Jermain Defoe is almost guaranteed free-to-play but the rest is not too simple. As you know before the case of fishing or egg hunting in this case it all depends on how many times you can go egg hunting will determine your chances of 90 OVR LW Thierry Henry while the Event Icon 95 OVR CAM Hidetoshi Nakata is completely out of reach.

90 OVR ST Jermain Defoe is possible in free-to-play but get 90 OVR LW Thierry Henry entirely depends on your luck

How far you end up with the Egg Hunt Milestones will depend on whether or not you stick to the birdhouse and how lucky you are with it. There are Gempacks available to help you out if needed, but avoid them except in extreme cases.

Path of Spring Confrontation

So pretty much anyone who plays skill games or AI match every day will have a 92 OVR to choose from. Skill Games are simple and even in the final AI match you are playing against a 82 OVR Barcelona.

93 OVR CB Sergio Ramos is possible in free-to-play with 5000 additional Gems

So it’s basically 14 days of free bullshit and then you end up with a 92 OVR. Well Sergio Ramosyes, as stated above, it is available for 5000 gems. With the pass you can enter the Spanish CB in 14 days.

FIFA Mobile 22 Spring Showdown Event Players

FIFA Mobile 22 Spring Showdown Players
Image via Electronic Arts

It’s the Spring Showdown event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t much to say about this event. All the math is on your doorstep there, do what you want with it and plan carefully. It’s just another bad and boring mini-event to complete for the last two weeks of the Champions League Event. And just when you thought maybe Main transfers was the worst event you’ve ever seen in FIFA Mobile, well Spring Showdown said, Hi!

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below, I’ll be sure to answer everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Spring Showdown event guide helpful.

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Casey J. Nelson