FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival Guide

In the midst of all the events of the Champions League event, EA presents the Lantern Festival event for the first time! Light your lanterns under the crescent moon during the FIFA Mobile 22 lantern festival. What we thought was the first regional event of the month of Ramadan turned out to be a global event for everyone. Log in daily to claim rewards, claim players via trade, and search for lantern packs!

FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival Event Description

  • Event duration: March 31 – May 5 (35 days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival Event Stream

Store offers

The Lantern Festival is a In-store eventwhere you use the April daily points of April Free Daily Deal progress in the event. the Offer updated every 9 p.m. and can be claimed up to 30 times throughout the event. Yes, it’s in the store in all its glory!

Lantern Festival store deals (Image via Electronic Arts)

So, from March 31 until May 5, you can log in and grab a free daily pack that contains an April daily point and a basic item that could be in-game resources. Coins, Skill Boost, Silver Players, or lantern tip. You can do this up to 30 times over the course of 35 days. Therefore, from the April Free Daily Deal you will receive a guarantee April daily update.

You will use these April daily points for a total of 8 Lantern Festival Offers. They are all numbered like Lantern Special 1, 2, 3 they cycle through, they unlock in order so it’s kind of like a chain pack and each requires a specified number of daily points from april. Check the table below for rewards and requirements:

Milestone Unlock requirement Reward
Day 1 Nothing Elite Token Ranking
Day 3 Claim Day 1 Deal Resources
Day 5 Claim 3 Day Deal Victory Lap Emote
Day 7 Claim 5 Day Deal Lantern point and logo
Day 12 Claim 7 Day Deal Sun and Moon Kit
Day 21 Claim 12 Day Deal 88 OVR GK Uğurcan Çakır
Day 27 Claim 21 Day Deal 100 training transfer items
Day 30 Claim 27 Day Deal 90 OVR LM Sadio Mané

Now, the way this is set up, all rewards are free on that particular schedule, as it is only a free channel pack offer. Now, if you want to go ahead and claim earlier than expected or make up for missed days, there is Gem Packs available. But try to avoid spending gems unnecessarily.

Lantern Deals

From April 7, the Lantern Offer opens now this is where you will trade the Lantern Points your claim on the exact same day, this unlocks in the daily stage reward. Now you could have the chance to earn more Lantern Points as part of your Free Daily Deal because these appear in there.

Guarantee lantern tip can be claimed from milestones and they are available as Possible reward in the April free daily offer. These offers can give Lantern Festival players more Lantern Offers and other in-game resources. Use these Lantern Points on the Lantern Offer to claim Lantern Festival players. There is a chance to get another lantern point and a new emoticon of this offer too!

To exchange

The Lantern Festival event is found in only two locations namely the Store and the Exchanges that’s it. There are three different scholarships. Exchange Lantern Festival players and other exchange players for more amazing players, including a 93 OVR LM Sadio Mané Premium Edition!

FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival Exchanges (Image via Electronic Arts)

Trade varies from trade 75-85 OVR players for 88 OVR Lantern Festival Players. Three Lantern Festival Players, 20 Elitesand one 90 rated master can be exchanged for a 92 OVR ST Cédric Bakambu. Check their prices in the market, before investing in them, just to make sure that you don’t suffer a huge loss by claiming the players.

The final exchange involves the 93 OVR LM Sadio Mané which requires a huge 20 elite, one master, four lantern festival playersand also the 90 GEN LM Sadio Manéwhich you got for free from the store deals on day 30. Now if you use the gems you can catch it early but you will waste the gems unless it is worth huge in the market with people who buy it.

FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival Event Currencies

April daily update

  • Claim them from the April Free Offer
  • Use them in the Store

lantern tip

  • Claim them from the April Free Offerthe Milestonesand the Lantern Offer
  • Use them on the Lantern Offer

FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival Event Tips & Tricks

Being one of the first events in FIFA Mobile 22, Lantern Festival is a very basic and fodder event. It’s not even a real event, it’s a daily five-week in-store deal. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the event.

Now, tips for the event. Don’t forget to claim your daily offers. That’s it. The one and only tip for the event. Use the April Daily Point for Lantern offers from time to time to claim Lantern the Festival players and in turn you can redeem them in exchanges.

To exchange

As stated before, before making any of the trades, check the values ​​of the players you are looking for in the market. If there are no buy orders, your investment may be wasted. Now let’s come to the big daddy Spotlight Player 93 OVR LM Sadio Mané.

Don’t think about using your gems to grab the 90 version of Mané early, because it becomes practically free on day 30, and there wouldn’t be many buy orders for the 93 version before that either. It’s a viable option only if you see buy orders on it before that day. Coming to the exchange, you need

  • 90 GEN LM Lantern Festival Sadio Mane
  • 4 Any lantern festival Players
  • 90+ OVR any player
  • 20 80+ OVR Players

Now the four festival players, you can trade the same players more than once as they are trades and not SBCs. You will have one guaranteed in 88 OVR GK Uğurcan Çakır daily deals and will be three short. You should be able to grab the other three from additional Lantern Point offers, Lantern Player Exchanges, or simply from the Market. Remember that you will still need the elite and master group and things can get a bit tricky if your inventory is empty.

FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival
Sadio Mane swap (Image via Electronic Arts)

Yes 90 GEN Sadio Mane is free just by playing the event for a month and you can expect to get around 3-3.5 million coins in masters and elites. It means this 93 OVR Sadio Mané is a relatively cheap upgrade. It’s entirely up to you and he’s free to play and a player everyone is likely to end up with.

93 OVR LM Sadio Mané is free and for a relatively cheap offer

It is indeed, as long as you play 30 out of 35 days and remember to claim your points each day. Also, keep in mind that the fact that it is free will also greatly affect its market value!

FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival Event Players

FIFA Mobile Lantern Festival Players
Image via Electronic Arts

That’s the whole Lantern Festival event in a nutshell. There is nothing else to say because it is quite simple. Although this is a little disappointing considering how the Lantern Festival event could have been organized as the first regional event of the month of Ramadan and in turn it became a disappointing in-store event. It’s a five-week store offer, that’s all! Lantern Festival, that’s all.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below, I’ll be sure to answer everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Lantern Festival Events Guide helpful.

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Casey J. Nelson