Family of four found dead; the five mobile apps are not registered with RBI, police say

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Police investigating the deaths of four people from a family in Bhagirathpura area found that the mobile apps through which the loans were taken by the deceased were not registered. The deceased had received a call from a number that belongs to Pakistan two days before the incident. However, police officials said it may have been a fake call. The police are trying to get to know the caller to find out his reason for calling the deceased.

Amit Yadav (32), his wife Tina and their two children Yana (3) and Divyansh, one and a half, were found dead at their home in the Bhagirathpura area on Tuesday. Amit was found hanged as his wife and children lay on the ground. It is believed that after giving a poisonous substance to his wife and children, Amit committed suicide. Further investigation is ongoing and the autopsy report is awaited. In the suicide note, Amit revealed that he had borrowed five mobile apps and was unable to repay the same.

Additional PC Manish Kapooria said that the Special Investigation Team is also investigating the matter to know the threat from a local person due to which Amit took such drastic action. Before committing suicide, Amit had reset his cell phone so that the police could not retrieve his chat history etc.

According to CP Kapooria, an ongoing investigation revealed that Amit had received a call from an unidentified person two days before his death. He had received a call from the number beginning with +92, which is the country code for Pakistan. Police believed the call was a travesty to mislead people.

Not all mobile apps are registered

Kapooria said a preliminary investigation revealed that the five mobile apps were not registered with the RBI. These mobile apps provide loan without guarantor to earn more interest from the borrower. The police also check the front door from where Amit received his loan amount. Action would only be taken after the case was investigated. Police have urged not to download such apps to cellphones.

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Casey J. Nelson