F1 Mobile Racing’s 2022 update will feature new parts and rebalanced R&D

Codemasters and EA have revealed that the 2022 update for F1 Mobile Racing will feature new parts and a rebalanced R&D game mechanic.

Last month we announced that Electronic Arts and Codemasters F1 Mobile Racing has a huge 2022 update coming up. In a blog post Today (June 9, 2022), the development team continued to reveal more about the next overhauled R&D game mechanic, along with a list of new auto parts that are set to arrive for the popular iOS and Android mobile game.

New parts for 2022 include wheel fins, wheel covers (think McLaren’s Google Chrome-inspired efforts this season) and improved engine cover vents, among others. Each part affects your car’s stats: wheel covers help cool the brakes, for example by shortening braking distances.

Parts stats have all been rebalanced ahead of the 2022 update, and R&D slots for chassis parts will now unlock faster to speed up car development. Chassis parts will also now have a maximum upgrade level of 13 in the future.

F1 Mobile Racing's 2022 update will feature new parts and rebalanced R&D

Old parts – called “legacy parts” – that will be incompatible with new cars can be exchanged for cash, with rare, high-level, or “legendary” parts earning more. The exact numbers have yet to be revealed, however.

The next 2022 update for F1 Mobile Racing is expected to include all the new cars and tracks for the 2022 season, as well as the new 2022 ruleset. Hopefully Porpoising doesn’t make an appearance too…

If you are currently playing the 2021 version of F1 Mobile Racing, some of your content may change. The 2021 cars will automatically be replaced by the 2022 versions, for example, so no more Kimi Räikkönen unfortunately. Most frequently asked questions have been answered by EA-Codemasters in a separate article. blog post.

Do you play F1 Mobile Racing on the go? Are you looking forward to the 2022 update? Let us know in the comments below.

Casey J. Nelson