Everything Coming in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Distortion

Released only a few months ago, Apex Legends Mobile is an incredibly impressive port of its console counterpart. While the gameplay of Apex Legends Mobile is almost identical to its other releases, it’s not exactly the same experience, with a whole host of new mechanics and progression systems, as well as its own unique content. However Apex Legends Mobile doesn’t quite offer the same wealth of content as its bigger sibling it’s about to get, with Season 2, Distortion, bringing fan-favorite maps, more game modes and even a brand new Legend exclusive .


Released on July 12, 2022, Apex Legends MobileSeason of Distortion looks like a pretty impressive patch, coming just a few months after the game’s release. Along with all the new content coming, Distortion is also set to fix some of the Apex Legends Mobilebalance issues and a variety of bugs, which, all things considered, aren’t as bad as some of its competitors. For those who already play Apex Legends Mobilethis update is sure to keep them playing a little longer, and for those who haven’t downloaded it yet, the sheer amount of content added with Distortion might just be the thing that pushes them over the edge.

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The New Legend of Apex Legends Mobile Season 2

Although his roster is not as extensive as his main counterpart, Apex Legends Mobile still has 14 awesome playable legends to unlock and choose from. One of the great draws of Apex Legends Mobile when it was first released was its exclusive legend, Fade, and now with the Distortion season, Apex Legends Mobile gets another exclusive new legend. Called Rhapsody, this legend was forced into poverty alongside the rest of his family when his mother was unfairly fired from her job as an engineer at Pythas Inc.

As Rhapsody grew, she expressed an interest in music and eventually honed this natural talent, using it to build her reputation until she was finally invited to perform in the most popular part. rich in the city. In a failed attempt to clear her family’s debt using a computer virus, Rhapsody was forced into the Apex Games by Pythas, and now aims to earn enough money in the competition to set her family free. debt.

Rhapsody’s theme is music-related abilities, and as an apparent supporting legend, the franchise’s first in a long time, she uses her talent to gain exposure for herself and her allies. Rhapsody’s passive ability sees her view sounds from an extended range, while her tactical ability, “Hype Anthem”, increases allies’ movement speed while recharging their shields. Rhapsody’s Ultimate sees his robot companion Rowdy fire off a wall of flashing lights that block all enemy scans. Upgrading Rhapsody will also unlock a series of progression abilities, such as the ability to increase its tactical duration if more allies are in the area of ​​effect, or the ability to increase the reload speed of allies during his ultimate.

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New maps in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2

In its launch version, Apex Legends Mobile only had one Battle Royale map available, the classic version of World’s Edge. Although this map is quite massive and features many different biomes, fans were eager to see more included in the next update. Thankfully, Respawn listened, and Distortion is about to add two new maps.

The first of these maps is King’s Canyon, the arena that started it all. Much like World’s Edge, the mobile version of King’s Canyon looks just like its original appearance, with no big changes from world events like lava pools or environmental hazards. For a limited time, Apex Legends Mobile‘s King’s Canyon will be littered with VIP tickets that will help Rhapsody progress.

Although King’s Canyon is the only Battle Royale map in Distortion, Respawn is adding another map for the TDM game mode. Named Pythas Block 0, this map is a neon-soaked futuristic office complex, with an archway added for good measure. This map is closely tied to Rhapsody’s story, being located above the town in which she grew up.

Everything else is coming to Apex Legends Mobile in Season 2

As one would expect from Apex Legends At this point, each new season also brings a slew of new events, game modes, and cosmetics. The “Rhapsody LIVE” event allows players to complete challenges to earn unique, limited-time posters to celebrate the introduction of the new legend. Also available with Distortion, the “Town Takeover: Encore Galore” event gives King’s Canyon a neon makeover, with a new area, Encore Galore, offering high-tier loot and the chance to find the aforementioned VIP tickets.

Although Season 2 sees Arenas temporarily removed from Apex Legends Mobile, Respawn will add a few other game modes to take its place. Gun Game is the first of these modes, giving players access to a new weapon every time they kill, until the game finally ends, when three melee kills are achieved or the player reaches the maximum points available. The second game mode in Apex Legends MobileThe new season, Hack, sees a team of attackers attempt to hack an Orbital Cannon, while a team of defenders do their best to fend them off.

For those who appreciate Apex Legends Mobile Ranked, there are some quality of life tweaks and updates brewing. Starting in Season 2, players will now see their rank and points gain/loss during a match. The points ratio for kills and assists has also been slightly adjusted, along with a partial reset of the ranked ladder. Real-time ranked leaderboards will also be enabled.

Of course, with each new season of Apex Legendsthere must be a new Battle Pass, and Apex Legends Mobile Distortion is no different. Along with a whole range of purchasable Rhapsody-themed cosmetics, the Battle Pass also features a range of neon, cyberpunk-esque outfits and skins. Three new legendary skins will be available, equipping three legends with futuristic gear, as well as a variety of emblems, charms, and weapon skins.

Apex Legends Mobile is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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