Elite Developer Solutions’ Shopify Mobile App Helps Businesses Convert More Customers

Elite Developer Solutions, a leading US-based company, is leading the way in helping businesses get three times more repeat engagements in native ads and achieve a 2.3x higher conversion rate from websites mobiles.

Solutions for elite developers has stepped up its efforts to help companies looking to increase their revenue simply by offering a Shopify mobile app from their website.

“A small increase in retention can have a huge impact on a business. In fact, almost half of the average e-commerce store’s revenue comes from just 8% of its customers. However, these are exclusively repeat customers. A native Shopify mobile app is the most effective way to retain customers to buy again, which is where Elite Developer Solutions comes in,” a representative said in a statement.

A native mobile app is the most useful way to retain customers, the Elite team pointed out. The app features push notifications and in-app messages, a built-in wishlist, light and dark themes, product reviews, a tiered menu, and comprehensive store search. It also syncs products and orders with Shopify and allows businesses to showcase their latest products and promotions. Elite Developer Solutions is leading the way in helping them get instant page loads and a frictionless checkout process, which is 2.3x more likely to convert every session.

With Elite’s maintenance plans, apps stay up-to-date in app stores. Whenever the team behind Elite Developer Solutions adds bug fixes or new features to the app, they automatically post them to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Elite Developer Solutions also helps companies start offering Website development services. Its dashboard allows businesses to start selling their clients a new website on their next project.

Those looking to start offering website development services to their clients today can contact the team immediately. Others interested in learning more about Elite Developer Solutions can visit the website for more information.

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Casey J. Nelson