EasyPark, Canada partners with ZipBy to provide its eco-friendly mobile parking app to parking lots in Vancouver, Canada

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

ZipBy, a global leader in parking technology, today announced a partnership with EasyPark, Canada to launch a ticketless solution via the ZipBy mobile app at all EasyPark locations in the Greater Vancouver area.

The new app will allow drivers to book and pay for parking through their mobile devices, eliminating the need to use cash or touch parking meters. Users can extend their parking session through the ZipBy app without having to return to the meter to top up. This saves the driver from rushing to the parking meter or risking a parking fine. “It’s also a safer solution for drivers,” says EasyPark COO Gary Bradley, “We always strive to create a safe environment for our customers and pay for parking while you’re still in your vehicle or on the way to a meeting better than waiting a yard away”.

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The partnership between ZipBy and EasyPark is another step towards both companies’ commitment to sustainability and ensures that paper receipts and wear and tear on parking equipment do not contribute to waste in landfills.

EasyPark CEO Nigel Bullers says, “Partnering with ZipBy offers tremendous benefits for drivers, including:

  1. A convenient way to pay and extend parking – you can leave cards and cash in your wallet and reduce the risk of carrying cash and credit cards, which can be lost or stolen. Parking can be extended anytime from anywhere.
  2. Secure payment method – ZipBy uses secure encrypted payment to reduce the threat to your personal and financial data.
  3. Faster way to pay – Mobile app contactless payment and secure transactions are a breeze, easier and faster than swiping, inserting a card or queuing at a counter using ‘money.
  4. Always able to pay – Added credit card as the default payment option, you have all your parking charges on one bill to manage your finances and it also means you won’t run out of cash or coins to pay the parking

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All of these benefits, plus a substantial contribution to reducing our carbon footprint to meet our sustainability goals, translate into a positive impact on our environment.


ZipBy is the world’s only parking technology that offers a combination of on-street, off-street and surface parking, all in one mobile app. The ZipBy app becomes the parking meter. ZipBy is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices across North America.


Established in 1947, EasyPark is dedicated to making parking easier. The company is reimagining and reimagining parking services for clients including public sector organizations including the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board, and some of Vancouver’s largest property management companies including Cadillac Fairview and Bentall Green Oak. For more information, please visit www.easypark.ca.

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