Digital Wealth Pioneer Yield App Unveils Mobile App for iOS and Android – Bitcoin News Press Release

PRESS RELEASE. ESTONIA — JUNE 17, 2022 — Yield App, a global FinTech company and digital wealth platform that has attracted over 80,000 customers since its launch in February 2021, is now taking on the mobile world with the launch of its iOS and Android app, as it continues its mission to make digital asset income opportunities accessible to everyone, at the click of a button.

The all-new, intuitive mobile app allows Yield App customers to seamlessly manage their digital wealth on their mobile devices, further simplifying the platform’s offering. With the same easy-to-use interface as the web-based platform, combined with easier login options via fingerprint or face ID, the mobile app allows Yield App clients to manage their asset portfolios digital on the go.

Tim Frost, CEO of Yield App, said, “We are thrilled to unveil this new addition to our suite of products, giving our customers all the tools they need to achieve financial freedom. This is an exciting step on our journey to becoming everyone’s trusted digital wealth partner.

“Our brand new mobile app makes it easier than ever for Yield App customers to earn on their digital assets. With just a few clicks, they can access their portfolios anytime, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. .

“We strongly believe that digital assets should be part of everyone’s investment portfolio and that passive income strategies are the best way to get the most out of these holdings.”

Adrien Geneste, Chief Marketing Officer at Yield App, adds: “We are delighted to be among the first to offer a consumer-friendly and easy-to-use financial product dedicated to digital asset management. Yield App is dedicated to pioneering digital wealth management solutions that make profitable your assets an effortless experience.

Yield App is a digital wealth platform that enables its clients to earn peak yields on the biggest digital assets. Clients can perform all actions available on the web-based platform through the mobile app, including earning, staking, locking or converting their assets in the app.

Clients simply deploy their assets in Yield App wallets to earn passive income on stablecoins, BTC and ETH, compounded daily. At the heart of the platform’s strategy is its $YLD token, which rewards loyal community members with a higher return the more YLD they stake or lock into the platform.

About the Yield app

Yield App believes that everyone should have access to the best earning opportunities. Its mission is to unleash the full potential of digital assets, combine them with the most rewarding opportunities available in all financial markets and make them accessible to the world. To achieve this, the company offers an innovative digital wealth platform and mobile app that connects traditional and decentralized finance in the easiest way possible. For more information, visit

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Download the app on iOS here and on Android here

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