Currency streams and how to earn them

Players have their own version of in-game currency, like in other online battle royale games, to purchase in-game items and cosmetics. Similarly, the new version of Apex Legends Mobile introduced the technique of crafting materials, using a named currency Flow.

Many gamers have a common question after the release of some new game features including the likes of a new currency available called Flow. This can also be used to craft items from the in-game store. For gameplay, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between Flux and Crafting materials. Both can be earned by opening Apex Bundle or Battle Pass Rewards. These can be redeemed at the store essentially for cosmetics, including character and weapon skins and banners.

Apex Legends Mobile Currency Flux: Where to find them

The developers have made efforts to create a completely new currency, where crafting materials are quite enough. This may have been a simple design change to make this version of the game stand out from the other Apex Legends versions available. Flux in Apex Legends Mobile basically serves as the in-game version of crafting materials. So players can get it by opening packs or progressing through Battle Pass events and levels.

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Once players have collected thousands, the currency can then be spent on cosmetics from the The crafting tab of the store. These cosmetics include legend and weapon skins, banners, trackers, and emotes. It’s worth remembering that all items listed under this tab can only be purchased with Flux – so it’s important to collect as many as you can.

Apex Legends Mobile: Best Ways to Get More Flux

1. Different events

Events Apex Legends Mobile Currency Feed
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Players will find different events running in the game. These events bring simple missions and tasks that one has to complete to get rewarded. free flow. Currently, there are not many events, but there will be more soon in the future.

2. From the battle pass

Apex Legends Mobile Flux Currency Battle Pass
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Whether or not players purchase a battle pass in Apex Legends Mobile, they will still get free rewards with each level up. The only difference is that the premium player will be able to unlock more rewards (some special ones) from the Battle Pass. So, completing the missions to upgrade the Battle Pass is one of the best ways to get large amounts of Flux coins / crafting materials in Apex Legends Mobile.

3. From Daily Login

    Daily Currency Flux Login
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When players play the game for the first time, they will receive free rewards including crafting materials. Moreover, one will get rewards after playing for a certain time, which is the cumulative login of 7 days. So, by logging into the game, players will receive Flux Coins, but be sure to collect them.

4. As soon as the checkout is opened

Cash register Flux Currency
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Crates are also one of the best things to get lots of Flux coins quickly and for free. As the players play the game, they need to complete different missions and level up, then they will receive lots of crates. Then players can open these crates by going to the store. By opening these crates, players can receive Apex Flux Coins.

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