Code for America’s Free Mobile-Friendly GetCTC Portal Returns in English and Spanish for 2022

The enrollment tool, successfully launched last year in conjunction with the White House and the U.S. Department of Treasury, once again makes it easy for eligible U.S. families to claim the Child Tax Credit and other tax advantages.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Code for America, the leading nonprofit technology organization that works with community leaders and governments to provide equitable and accessible digital tools and services, today opened its GetCTC portal for the second consecutive year, to provide more families in America with access to the Child Tax Credit and other tax benefits. The portal, located at and published in collaboration with the White House and the US Department of Treasury – is free, accessible on desktop and mobile devices, and available in English and Spanish.

Code for America is also launching a new outreach effort to increase the number of people using GetCTC. Starting today, Code for America will work with state welfare agencies to reach eligible families (details below).

Code for America originally launched GetCTC last September for ten weeks through the end of the 2021 filing season. More than 115,000 families have used the tool to successfully claim tax benefits, with nearly four in five customers reporting that the tool was “easy” or “extremely easy” to use. Majority of customers have used GetCTC on mobile devices and usually completed within 10-15 minutes. Code for America published lessons from last year’s effort in this report.

“Through simplified reporting through the GetCTC portal, over 100,000 low-income families were able to claim the tax benefits they were owed. This was a successful proof of concept that allowed people to claim more $400 million in tax benefits, mentioned David Newvillesenior tax benefits program manager, Code for America. “We are proud to play a similar role again this year – working with the White House, the Treasury Department and trusted community partners – to help more eligible families receive these meaningful tax benefits. With a focus on iterative design, we’ve highlighted lessons learned and incorporated them into this year’s portal to ensure customers have a seamless experience when it comes to claiming the flex money that’s rightfully theirs.”

This year, eligible families can use GetCTC to receive the 2021 Child Tax Credit, extended last year to $3,600 per child for children under six and $3,000 per child for children under 18. In 2021, 36 million families received half of the credit in advance payments and will receive the second half when they use Families who did not receive advance payments will receive the full child tax credit when they apply through Customers can also use the tool to claim any missing portion of third stimulus payments, usually worth $1,400 per family member.

For 2022, the IRS has permitted the filing of simplified returns after the close of the traditional tax season on April 18. Rather than submitting a full tax return, GetCTC files a “simplified tax return” containing only the information needed to issue child tax credits and stimulus payments. This helps low-income families who often face obstacles when filing tax returns that require more extensive and sometimes complicated documentation. GetCTC’s user-friendly interview-style format invites clients to answer one question at a time and guides them through the criteria that apply.

Collaborate with state welfare agencies to reach eligible families

Code for America met Wednesday with White House and Treasury Department officials to officially launch the GetCTC portal for 2022. The convocation also marked the launch of a new national outreach effort inspired by the success of the last year.

Through this effort, Code for America will work with state welfare agencies across the country to educate their beneficiaries about GetCTC. Benefit agencies are trusted messengers when it comes to receiving government benefits, and research suggests that a quarter of public benefit recipients—common benefits like SNAP and Medicaid—may lack tax benefits.

More information about this effort, states taking action, and how outside agencies and organizations can get involved is available at

Eligible families can complete and electronically submit a simple form at and could receive payments within weeks of submission. Families can use GetCTC if they are not required to file a tax return, which usually means they earn less than $12,550 (for single registrants) or $25,100 (for married couples) — and earn less than $400 in self-employment income.

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