Call of Duty Mobile Teaser – Desert Event

Another day, another Call of Duty Mobile Desert Teaser. We have recently received many of them, with maps, weapons and characters teased on Twitter. Our predictions seem to be correct as the Desert event is announced in China.

Recently, a new image dropped on Twitter that reveals many upcoming event features. As Activision teased and some data leaked, we get a Sandstorm/Desert timed event.

This event mainly focuses on introducing many characters, maps, and weapons from more modern COD games. While many leaked and teased updates are subject to change, we believe these updates will likely go live very soon.

If you’re looking for a more nostalgic COD experience, there’s still time to pick up Menendez. The main antagonist of the beloved Black Ops 2 is here and ready to play.

COD Mobile Official Desert Leak China Weibo


What are the teasers and leaks revealing the desert

As the image above suggests, there’s a lot to unpack here. First, and the most obvious thing we can see in this teaser are the images with the Sattelite card. As expected, this is the upcoming main card in this event.

We recently covered it in detail if you want to know more about Sattelite.

The image also confirms that Satellite will have vehicles if you look carefully to the left. This will be the first multiplayer map with vehicles in COD Mobile. This reveals that the developers are aiming pretty high with the game.

Next, you can see a large map showing landmarks circled on the battle royale map. This likely means these locations will be changed in some way to coincide with the event.

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COD Mobile Desert Leaked Battle Royale Map


What new weapons have been leaked in COD Mobile

Looking at the map again, we can see three new grenades that are not present in the game. We can see two grenades from the Black Ops: Cold War era and a more modern grenade that could be anything, d a new skin flashbang to an EMP.

We can also see heavy bullets typically used for automated snipers, which reminds us of the recent Koshka Sniper teaser from Black Ops 4.

Another big thing we can see is the Desert Serpent-themed knife, which will likely be the epic skin coming with the event.

Even though we talk a lot about the upcoming changes, we’re still in the middle of Season 3. Here are the best loadouts and weapons you can use to dominate your enemies.

Mobile Desert Escape Weapons COD


When is the update ready to be released

As seen in the picture, the update is set to release on April 26.

Characters and other teasers

Although we can only see one character, many of them come either as operators or as skins. We’ve covered the full roster of upcoming characters in detail here.

Another important teaser is the tournament flyer in the upper part of the image. This may refer to the weekly in-client tournament teased a long time ago. It’s unlikely to tease an esport even since the World Championship is in full swing.

Fans of the Zombies game mode will likely be disappointed with the recent leaks, as not even a small teaser, leak, or trove of data has been revealed about the mode. It is very likely that, at least for now, he is dead.

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Right here you can see the original Call of Duty Mobile Desert Teaser leak.

Casey J. Nelson