BLiNQ Networks and Pollen Mobile expand decentralized wireless connectivity, one flower at a time

TORONTO, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – BLiNQ Networks’ New Partnership with Pollen Mobile Expands Growing Decentralized Networks in United Stateswith an ecosystem of cellular radios or “flowers” ​​that will spread connectivity.

BLiNQ’s FW-300i, in the Pollen product family, will be known as “Sunflower”. The Sunflower is a fully integrated, compact, high power CBRS wireless solution that is simple to install and can easily be mounted on rooftops or the side of high rise buildings. As the most potent “flower” in its class, Sunflower offers an incredible ability that aims to extend Pollen coverage to remote communities and busy urban environments, giving homeowners the greatest potential return on their material investment. The other CBRS radio that will be adopted by Pollen is the versatile X-300i base station, aptly named “Stargazer Lily”. Indoor and outdoor variations of this unit allow for a seamless transition for indoor-outdoor and outdoor-indoor deployment. Its dynamic capacity switching puts owners in control of their coverage, so they can target distribution exactly where it’s needed.

“We see our partnership with Pollen as an important step towards delivering large-scale connectivity,” says Patrick Buthman, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at BLiNQ Networks. “The decentralized network model is clearly the way forward, where we see the convergence of blockchain, 4G and 5G technologies that will make broadband connectivity more readily available. The incentive aspect of de-wi is also a unique way to engage and reward users of a network.”

Pollen is the first open-source 4G and 5G mobile network that is privacy-focused, anonymous, decentralized, and enabled by a crypto-economy owned and operated by its users. Network users and owners can earn PollenCoin (PCN) by helping to build, validate and use the Pollen Network.

Pollen Flowers are mobile network radios that provide wireless coverage and report PCNs to their owners, in exchange for providing coverage and carrying data for end users. Pollen does not store personal information of Flower owners. Ownership of flowers (and entitlement to associated reward payments) is recorded via a non-fungible token (NFT) that is linked to the owner’s Solana wallet, allowing owners to maintain anonymity and transfer ownership of devices without requiring centralized approval or registration.

“We are honored to be the first decentralized wireless network to support BLiNQ’s innovative hardware,” said Pollen Mobile’s CEO. Antoine Levandowski. “Our new BLiNQ flowers will further expand Pollen’s use cases and we look forward to unveiling exciting applications where sunflowers are already deployed soon.”


BLiNQ Networks is a pioneering manufacturer of CBRS-ready and multi-band wireless broadband solutions, developing the technology to deliver essential Internet connectivity worldwide. BLiNQ delivers industry-leading price and performance in LTE and 5G solutions, driven by a talented team based in Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit


Pollen Mobile is catalyzing the development of the first decentralized, user-owned and operated mobile network designed for privacy and anonymity. Using open source technologies and protocols, a crypto economy built around the PollenCoin token, and working with partners such as BLiNQ Networks, Pollen is empowering its community to control their coverage and take back their mobile privacy with an affordable alternative. to traditional mobile operators. . Additional information about Pollen Mobile is available at

SOURCE BLiNQ Networks Inc.

Casey J. Nelson