Battlegrounds Mobile India gets the special Holi-themed March update

India Mobile Battlefield (BMI) developer Krafton announced a March update with holi Dhamaka theme with air battlefield and newly updated playground. According to the company, the latest update comes with a set of additions that will help players celebrate Holi right from the start of the game.
With the update, Krafton has changed the geography of Spawn Island and will allow players to use different colored balls to dye the central building. Players will also be able to summon four giant statues representing Strategy, Courage, Cooperation, and Calm, to trigger special performances during gameplay.
Also, as part of the new update, players can fight with their enemies on an aerial battlefield called Nimbus Island. The aerial battlefield will exist for 5 minutes after the game starts, where players will transform into colorful dolls and collect rare coins to loot powerful gear. In Nimbus Island, if a player is knocked down by an enemy, the doll’s headgear will slowly grow larger and float in the air. If a player is eliminated, he can return to the battlefield. Other additions to the game also include the Vibrant Camp and Vehicle Radar settlements, which will allow players to collect cool supplies and spot enemies using a scanner.
Players can also ride an all-new, colorful, foldable mountain bike. The bike is indestructible, portable in a backpack and moreover, silent, which makes it perfect for sneaking up on your enemies. The company claims that significant changes have been made to the BGMI Playground, to create a new experience for players. The target shooting game has been migrated to the indoor shooting range with additional bunkers and different types of targets.

Casey J. Nelson