Apex Legends Mobile – Neon Rebellion Versus Drop Guide

Apex Legends Mobile’s latest in-store event, the Neon Rebellion Versus Drop (the Season 2 version of an Arsenal Drop) is now available in the portable battle royale’s in-game store. The Neon Rebellion Versus Drop features a collection of 20 cosmetic items, from user avatar frames and skydive emotes to Eternal and Legendary tier character and weapon skins.

Cosmetics are unlocked randomly and each reward has a different probability of being unlocked. But Arsenal Drops is much more complicated than it first appears, and the game’s complex purchase design strategy can be quite confusing for the average player, so we’ve put together a guide to provide a detailed breakdown of the mechanisms of this Versus Drop. If you’re a little intimidated by the odds-based store event, don’t worry – we’ve done the math so you don’t have to.

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When you open the Apex Legends mobile app, a pop-up ad announcing Neon Rebellion Versus Drop will appear. Select “Go!” to be redirected directly to the store event screen. But if you’ve already closed the popup, don’t worry: there are two other ways to access the event hub, although both are somewhat complicated. The first method is quite simple: if you’re feeling particularly patient, you can also find the event page by waiting for the event banner ad to appear on the right side of the lobby.

Method number two allows players to manually access the event hub by selecting the store tab on the main lobby screen. Opening the store will show a broken link to the Neon Rebellion event hub, so once you’ve opened the store tab, ignore this ad and select the “Emporium” tab from the vertical menu on the right side screen instead. This will take you to another page announcing the event that does not have a broken link. Select Neon Rebellion Versus Drop and you’ll land on the event’s loot page, where you can take a look at the available prizes – and your chances of unlocking them.

Loot box prices

Versus drop cosmetics cannot be purchased directly. Instead, they must be unlocked by purchasing loot boxes with Syndicate Gold. But there’s a catch: while the first box only costs 30 Syndicate Gold (about $0.30), the price of opening a loot box increases with each turn.

To get all 20 cosmetics, you will need to open 20 boxes. The price of each box is as follows:

  • Box #1: 30 SG
  • Box #2: 45 SG
  • Box #3: 65 SG
  • Box #4: 90 SG
  • Box #5: 140 SG
  • Box #6: 185 SG
  • Box #7: 230 SG
  • Box #8: 280 SG
  • Box #9: 325 SG
  • Box #10: 370 SG
  • Box #11: 465 SG
  • Box #12: 560 SG
  • Box #13: 650 SG
  • Box #14: 745 SG
  • Box #15: 930 SG
  • Box #16: 1,100 SG
  • Box #17: 1,300 SG
  • Box #18: 1,500 SG
  • Box #19: 1,700 SG
  • Box #20: 2,000 SG

Players who want to get all 20 cosmetics will need to spend a total of 12,710 Syndicate Gold, which equates to around $110 when taking into account the price of the Syndicate Gold bundles and the number of bonus coins that come with each one.


Like previous store drop events, each of the event’s 20 cosmetic items is located on one of six rows. Each line has a different probability of being selected when you open a loot box. Then one of the items in the selected row is unlocked and removed from the loot pool, improving your chances for each box you open and ensuring you don’t receive duplicate rewards. The chances of unlocking a cosmetic from each of the six rows are as follows.

  • Line 6: 50% chance
  • Row 5: 33% chance
  • Line 4: 10% chance
  • Row 3: 5% chance
  • Line 2: 1.5% chance
  • Line 1: 0.5% chance

Unlike all previous store drops in the mobile game, the odds listed in the Neon Rebellion event description match those listed on the main event reward page, confirming that these odds are indeed correct.

The Neon Rebellion Versus Drop event hub, with all the event cosmetics and the chance to unlock each one.

Beauty products

As for the event-exclusive cosmetics, you’ll find the following located in these rows:

Sixth rank: 50%

  • Amazing Caustic Emoticon Pack (Epic)
  • Death Fog Mirage Holographic Spray (Epic)
  • Holospray Party All Night Rhapsody (Epic)
  • I like you! Rhapsody Emote Pack (Epic)

Fifth row: 33%

  • Caustic Steel Order Hide (Rare)
  • Toxic Dose User Avatar Frame (Epic)
  • Rowdy’s Solo Rhapsody Banner Frame (Epic)
  • Prism Star Rhapsody Skin (Epic)

Fourth row: 10%

  • Bombs away! Caustic Skydive Emote (Epic)
  • Scan Lines Peacekeeper Weapon Skin (Rare)
  • Blazing Dream Flatline Weapon Skin (Rare)
  • Mix It Up Rhapsody Skydive Emote (Rare)

Third row: 5%

  • Caustic Chrome Revolution Skin (Epic)
  • Septic Shock Charge Rifle Weapon Skin (Epic) Vibrant Hazard RE-45 Weapon Skin (Epic) Beat Uprising Rhapsody Skin (Epic)

Second row: 1.5%

  • Viridian Array Mastiff Shotgun Weapon Skin (Legendary)
  • Nova Blast Mozambique Weapon Skin (Legendary)

First row: 0.5%

  • Toxic Challenge Caustic Hide (Legendary)
  • Restless Rager Rhapsody Skin (Legendary)
Rhapsody and Caustic wearing their respective Neon Rebellion Legendary skins
Rhapsody and Caustic wearing their respective Neon Rebellion Legendary skins

The Neon Rebellion Versus Drop will be available until Monday, May 8 at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET. But if you’re looking for an event with free rewards, check out our Network Hacker event guide and our Season 2 event preview.

Also, make sure you don’t forget to take part in this week’s user survey: you’ll receive a free reward if you complete it! To access the user survey, select the “Season Event” banner on the right side of the main lobby screen. Once you’re on the Distortion hub page, select the “Limited Time” tab at the top of the screen. The first event on this page is the User Survey, but if you can’t see it, make sure you’ve selected the “Player Feedback” tab on the right side of the time-limited page. You’ll see an image of Lifeline hugging her beloved DOC drone and a link to the survey. Once you’ve completed and submitted it, return to the Player Feedback tab and select the “Claim” button at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to redeem 500 free seasonal currency, which can be used in the warp store.

To locate the Distortion Store, select the “Season Event” banner again, but don’t go to the Limited-Time tab. Instead, look to the right side of the screen and select the “Distortion Store” tab at the bottom of the vertical list. This will take you to the Distortion Store, where you can spend your seasonal currency on your choice of 16 unique and mobile-exclusive cosmetic rewards, from character and weapon skins to weapon charms and Syndicate Packs, the Distortion Store has everything to please. But there’s no rush – the store will be open until August 23, so it’s best to save up as much seasonal currency as possible and wait until the last day of the season to spend it, by yourself. making sure to catch as many free Distortion Store loot as possible.

Apex Legends Mobile is free on iOS and Android.

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