Apex Legends Mobile: All Hyperbeat Store and VIP Store Rewards

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat launched last week, bringing with it a new battle pass packed with unique cosmetic items. But some players are unaware that a new collection of season-exclusive cosmetics has also been released alongside the new Battle Pass. Unlike the battle pass, however, these items can be unlocked without having to spend real money.

The Hyperbeat Seasonal Store and VIP Store contain a total of 28 cosmetic items and other rewards, all of which can be unlocked through Hyperbeat Coins, a seasonal currency earned by playing matches, participating in events, and even completing surveys with users. The standard Hyperbeat store is available to everyone (no battle pass needed) and can be accessed by selecting the purple “Seasonal Event” banner on the right side of the main lobby screen, which will take you to the Hyperbeat hub. From there, select “Hyperbeat Store” from the vertical list on the right side of the screen.

Once you locate the store, you can take a closer look at its cosmetics. The following items are available in the Hyperbeat Store:

  • Critical Error Crypto Banner Frame (Legendary): 7,000 HC
  • Snow Crystal Lifeline Legend Skin (Epic): 10,000 HC
  • The Abyss Hemlock Weapon Skin (Epic): 9,000 HC
  • Checkmate Havoc Weapon Skin (Epic): 9,000 HC
  • Fully Encrypted User Avatar Frame (Epic): 3,000 HC
  • Matches Played Crypto stat tracker (Epic): 2,000 HC
  • Remote Crypto Holospray (Epic): 3,000 HC
  • Bangalore Counterculture Legend Skin (Rare): 5,000 HC
  • Street Sleuth Crypto Legend Skin (Rare): 5,000 HC
  • Lava Light Spitfire Weapon Skin (Rare): 4,000 HC
  • Sidekick Drone Weapon Charm (Rare): 1,000 HC
  • Data Knife Weapon Charm (Rare) 1,000 HC
  • Crypto Keyed Banner Pose (Rare): 2,000 HC
  • Lilac Glow User Avatar Frame (Rare): 2,000 HC
  • Stim Up Octane Banner Frame (Rare): 2,000 HC
  • Drop the Beat Banner Drop the Beat Octane (Rare): 2,000 HC
  • VIP pass: 3,000 HC
  • Legend Skin Badge ‘Em Up Octane (Common): 3,000 HC
  • Syndicate Pack (Common): 2,000 HC*

*Players can purchase a total of 4 syndication packs for 2,000 HC each.

To get all Hyperbeat Store items (including the 4 Syndication Packs and the VIP), you will need a total of 81,000 Hyperbeat Coins. But these cosmetics aren’t all the Hyperbeat Store has to offer – purchasing the VIP Pass will give you access to the VIP Store. The VIP Store can be located by selecting the purple “Seasonal Event” banner at the top right of the main lobby screen, then selecting “VIP Store” from the vertical list on the right side of the Hyperbeat hub.

Once there, you can use Hyperbeat Coins to purchase six additional season-exclusive cosmetic items. The items in the VIP section of the Hyperbeat Store are as follows:

  • Crystal Claws Loba Legend Skin (Epic): 10,000 HC
  • Mortar Ward Gibraltar Legend Skin (Epic): 10,000 HC
  • Digital Construct Crypto Legend Skin (Rare): 5,000 HC
  • Cryptic Defect Crypto holospray (Rare): 2,000 HC
  • VIP Pass Weapon Charm (Rare): 2,000 HC
  • Neon Insignia Crypto Banner Frame (Rare): 2,000 HC

You’ll need an additional 31,000 Hyperbeat Coins to unlock all six VIP Shop items, bringing the total number of Hyperbeat Coins needed to unlock all cosmetics in both sections of the Hyperbeat Shop to 112,000 Hyperbeat Coins. Obviously, this number will increase if additional cosmetics are added to the store as the season progresses.

Racking up 112,000 Hyperbeat Coins is no small feat, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Hyperbeat Coins can be earned in a number of ways, from opening Supply Bins during matches to completing Pro Mode Challenges and Event Challenges. As long as you play regularly and participate in a few events, you should have no trouble racking up enough HC to unlock any Hyperbeat Store cosmetics that might have caught your eye.

There are quite a few active and upcoming events planned for this half of Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, so take a look at our Hyperbeat Events Overview for a full list of all the events happening this season, as well as links to individual guides that will help you rack up as many Hyperbeat Coins as possible before that half of the season ends. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at each of the rewards available in the Hyperbeat Store and VIP Store.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Casey J. Nelson