A mobile-first approach, new coins, and a seamless P2P trading experience LendenX

Gurgaon, Haryana, India – Business Wire India LendenX is taking a big step towards making crypto more accessible to everyone around the world.

Life is becoming more digital than ever with the emergence of millions of internet-connected devices, often referred to as the Internet of Things. While the hype may have slowed from its initial peak, companies are currently experiencing pent-up demand for ways to leverage mobile and crypto technology. The journey to 100% digital has already begun – this also includes all kinds of payments. LendenX, for example, works with a vision of simplifying cryptocurrency exchange and trade in India.

A journey to safe and secure crypto transactions via mobile The future of money is digital. A recent survey revealed that central banks around the world are looking at cryptocurrencies as a possible way to ease their monetary policies and tame inflation to put more money in the hands of consumers. As this technology transitions from its alternative roots into the mainstream, investors can expect to see one in ten central banks also turn to cryptocurrency in the next three years. The appeal behind cryptocurrency is twofold: it is not limited by location or a lack of accessibility and it offers the potential for exponential growth in a single currency, making it attractive investments for small businesses. and large entities! Now LendenX is here with a seamless mobile experience Crypto technology has already made its way into the financial world. These days, however, this technology is used on mobile apps for more than just quick transactions. It is also implemented to secure users’ sensitive information.

LendenX realized that its users are increasingly using their mobile devices to access websites and applications. It has become apparent that if this new user behavior has not been taken advantage of then it might start to falter in the competition and in turn it will not be able to provide a good user experience to the users. by Lenden X. LendenX’s experienced team of designers, UI/UX designers, app developers and product managers worked hard and helped revamp the mobile app.

Latest Currency Update on LendenX LendenX has several cryptocurrencies that can be traded against each other. This includes the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Luna, MATIC, SHIB, etc. Recently, it launched 5 additional new crypto tokens on the platform. From MANA, BNB, SAND, SOLANA to DOT, users can trade easily on LendenX’s platform, which won’t be stopping anytime soon. The company is in touch with other crypto-tech founders to get more new coins onto its platform. The team is working towards creating India’s trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform for its users.

Launch of P2P Trading Platform Investing in crypto can be a difficult and confusing endeavor for most in India. Especially the awareness of cryptocurrency basics and increased mobile base, LendenX recently launched its P2P exchange platform. This can be a great resource that can help any beginner understand the nuances of cryptocurrency and trading in India. Moreover, LendenX tries to help its clients by making their life easier when it comes to digital currency investments. Now that Lendenx supports P2P, users can use the USDT to INR trading pair and trade crypto privately without using an intermediary.

LendenX Avengers Shares Joy of Working on India’s Growing P2P Platform “We know that the rapid growth of the crypto market has resulted in the creation of billions in additional wealth. And with the launch of new coins and our mobile app platform, we want to offer all of our users a way to deepen their investments by doing what they’ve been getting better and better at over time – leveraging of all their digital assets with just a single click, securely,” said LendenX founder David Chen.

Nitin Pal, CEO and Co-Founder of LendenX, said, “LendenX is pleased to launch a mobile and fee-free P2P trading platform, our team has put a lot of effort into providing superior service to its global users.” He further added that “With our platform, we have long believed in the concept of introducing new coins, which allows our users to diversify their investments in trending crypto technologies around the world. welcome traders to our platform, we offer 1 lac free cryptos as a welcome bonus and 20,000 free cryptos for each referral, our LendenX customers can also get 2 million free Shiba Inu when they complete certain tasks shown on the platform.” It’s also important to know how user-friendly the platform you’re using is, you don’t want to burn yourself out trying to figure it out or not. not be able to navigate easily,” said Madhulika Sharma, the other co-founder of LendenX. She also added, “Also, withdrawing your coins when they get too big is also a good idea – at this point you might as well keep them privately in wallets rather than leaving them in exchange forever. We are sure that LendenX will be able to achieve best in class security and a seamless browsing experience. About LendenX LendenX offers a platform that allows anyone to buy and sell cryptocurrency with the assurance of high security backed by the highest standards in technology. LendenX offers individuals a reliable way to manage their funds within a secure and easy-to-use platform.

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