9 fun and free Easter games for the whole family

Easter can be a time of celebration and fun, making it the perfect time to download some fun and free mobile games. Not only are all of these games great for playing with the whole family, but they’ll keep you entertained during stressful times throughout the year.

While not exactly 100% Easter, these games are all bunny, egg, or chicken related and really entertaining. So grab your phone, download some of these mobile games and enjoy!

1. BunnyBuns

Join an adorable bunny in their magical bakery where you’ll use the power of feelings to create delicious pastries. Pick and choose the main ingredients, which are in different shapes and colors, to create a confectionery to serve your customer.

If you make the right pastry for the customer, he will pay you with coins. Plus, regular, happy customers will start giving you some sweet memories. While playing BunnyBuns, the bunny will take recurring naps.

While they’re catching Zs, you can play minigames to get extra coins. This incredibly cute game is easy to understand and play, which means all ages can join in the fun.

Download: BunnyBuns for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

2. Egg, Inc.

This mobile game is much more complicated than BunnyBuns, but at its core it’s a mobile game where you watch loads of chickens run around your screen. Egg, Inc is unique because of how beautiful it is to look at, as well as the number of features it offers.


Egg, Inc is all about running an advanced egg farm and earning as much money as possible. You’ll have the ability to order research on things like silo capacity, accounting tips, and cheaper contractors.

It’s not a game for everyone, but the great graphics will keep you captivated while the interesting gameplay will challenge you.

Download: Egg, Inc for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

3. Easter Sweeper

Do you love holiday-themed apps like Easter or Christmas mobile games? If so, Easter Sweeper is the perfect game for you. This is a basic match-three puzzle game where you have to match pieces of three Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, cupcakes, stars or green leaves.

Matches of four or five will give you awesome boosters to use, so you’ll be able to go through levels faster. Additionally, you can log in to your Facebook account and challenge your friends to play with you.

It will come as no surprise if you lose track of time while playing Easter Sweeper. It is a highly addictive game that you will engage in even after Easter is over.

Download: Easter Sweeper for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

4. Egg Car – Don’t drop the egg!

This mobile game is as simple as it gets. All you need to remember is: don’t drop the egg! It’s nothing more than that, but it’s a game that requires a lot of patience. Egg Car will challenge you to use your balancing skills to drive your vehicle while positioning an egg in the back.

Collect coins along the way and don’t let your egg fall and break; otherwise, you will have to start all over again. The great thing is that the further you progress in the game and the more coins you collect, the more cool cars you will unlock.

Download: Egg Car for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

5. Yeah bunny 2

Yeah Bunny 2 is a favorite because it brings back fond memories of games using a retro TV game station. The virtual world is so aesthetic that you will end up playing it for hours. Luckily, there are 50 levels to navigate across seven different amazing lands.

Explore different paths available in the levels to collect cute carrots and discover hidden secrets. And because it’s so easy to run, jump and climb, Yeah Bunny 2 is a game for all ages. So, will you join the hero bunny on a great adventure?

Download: Yeah Bunny 2 for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

6. My Egg Tycoon

Another entertaining idle game on the list is My Egg Tycoon. Could it be the most exciting out there? May be! Similar to Egg, Inc, where you have to build your egg farm from scratch, My Egg Tycoon features adorable graphics and a range of weird chicken hybrids.

You will be able to unlock fun half-walrus, half-chicken or half-pig, half-chicken hybrids. They are incredibly cute and not as alarming as they look. It’s a fast and easy to master game.

Essentially, the game involves a lot of tapping and leveling to increase your chicken’s productivity and your overall income.

Download: My Egg Tycoon for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

7. Bunny Pop

If you’re looking for a good bubble shooter to play this Easter, Bunny Pop is for you. Unlike other bubble shooters that get immensely trickier as you progress, Bunny Pop remains relatively easy, allowing you to effortlessly traverse hundreds of levels without even realizing it.

The goal of the game is simple: match at least three bubbles of the same color to pop them. The more bubbles you pop, the more baby bunnies you will save and come back to mommy bunny.

Bunny Pop is one of the games you can play offline when you don’t have an internet connection, and you can even share the fun with your friends on Facebook.

Download: Bunny Pop for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

8. Bunny Frenzy Easter Egg Storm

Jump over obstacles, slide around turns and slide under barriers in this fast and lively racing game. See how far your Easter bunny can travel through several different lands while catching as many Easter treats as possible, all without crashing into anything.

Collect coins to buy different upgrades, equipment and bonuses. You can also use coins to unlock different wild animal characters to play with, like a panda or a penguin. Rabbit Frenzy is a cute game and quite easy to play, although it can be fast at times, so hang in there!

Download: Rabbit Frenzy Easter Egg Storm for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Bunny Blast

Keeping it simple is key when it comes to puzzle game apps for iPhone or Android. Luckily, Bunny Blast is just that: simple and addictive enough to keep you entertained all day long.

As mentioned before, the basis of the game is simple: break cubes of the same color of two or more. The more cubes you match, the better boosters and power-ups you’ll get, like rockets, bombs, and discs.

With over 1600 levels available, you will never be bored. In addition, the levels are quite easy to do. Once you pass a few levels and collect enough stars, you can unlock the treasure chest to get extra coins and boosters.

Download: Bunny Blast for iOS | Android (free, in-app purchases, subscription available)

Add these Easter mobile games to your collection

There’s something enchanting about Easter, and it’s time to get into the Easter spirit with a mobile game the whole family can enjoy. Forget egg toss or scavenger hunts this year, go for at least one of these mobile games and see how you do.

If you have been looking for fun, casual and addictive Easter games to download, then without a doubt, you should check out these nine mobile games.

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