8 Best Mobile Apps in the Netherlands

Smartphones are an essential aspect of everyday life, and apps these days can be used for everything from ordering food to learning a new language. But apps can also be used to make life as an expat or tourist in a new and unfamiliar country much more manageable. Make your life a little easier by trying out some of these really handy apps for living in the Netherlands!

The main apps for living in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a wide variety of amazing apps that are very useful for people who live here or are just visiting for a few days. Here are our picks for some must-have apps for everyone in the Netherlands.

1. Too good to leave

Too Good To Go is a really cool app that connects people to stores and restaurants that have unsold surplus food. Not only does this app provide great deals for fresh food, but it also helps reduce waste. Everything on the app is reduced by a third of its original price, making it ideal for getting amazing food on a budget. Thanks to its customizable features, it is also accessible to people with dietary restrictions. Gorillas, Flink, and UberEats are other great food-related apps.


9292 is an app that lets people plan their trips on Dutch public transport, providing information on everything from metros to ferries. It lists all the different public transport options, making it vital for life in the Netherlands, and can sync your phone’s current location, so if you’re new and get lost, it can bring you back to your hotel or apartment. You can also buy e-tickets directly in the app. Other apps that help with transportation in the Netherlands are Google Maps and NS.

3. Google Translate

Google Translate is needed if you are going to a place where you don’t speak the local language. While English is widely spoken in the Netherlands, many signs and labels can be written in Dutch, which makes the camera’s instant translation feature very useful. Finally, the languages ​​can be downloaded offline, so you can translate without being connected to the Internet. Duolingo and Babbel are other useful language apps for learning a language, especially if you’re going to be living in the Netherlands for a while and want to learn Dutch.

4. Tikkie

Tikkie is a very commonly used app by people in the Netherlands. If you’re a new expat, this will make splitting bills for just about anything much easier. Tikkie lets you send and receive payment requests via WhatsApp for free, and it works with banks across the EU. Tikkie also has unique offers that let you cash back from top brands by scanning a QR code at certain stores or on promotion pages. Paying for drinks with your college friends has never been easier! Other useful banking apps are Wise and PayPal.

5. Marketplaces

Marktplaats is the largest online marketplace in the Netherlands with over 8 million monthly visitors, and the app is the most convenient way to buy or sell items. Almost everything is on Marktplaats, so if you just want to browse or are looking for something in particular, it’s a good place to start. There is in-app messaging so you can get in touch with sellers for any questions or for great deals. Amazon.nl and Bol.com are other great apps for online shopping in the Netherlands.

6. Foundation

Finding accommodation in the Netherlands is no joke and one of the things that new residents struggle with the most. Funda is great for helping people find accommodation and understanding the Dutch housing market, as it gives you an idea of ​​prices, availability and surrounding areas. You can filter your search by city, neighborhood, budget and more. The app is mainly in Dutch, however, help from Google Translate may be needed. Other great platforms for finding accommodation in the Netherlands are Kamernet, Marktplaats, Facebook and of course IamExpat Housing!

7. Buienradar

Buienradar is one of the most used weather apps in the Netherlands. Dutch weather can be extremely unpredictable, with heavy rain one moment and bright sunshine the next, so Buienradar is perfect for checking the rain forecast so you can avoid getting drenched before heading out. The app is incredibly accurate, as it updates continuously throughout the day, and also features seasonal radar maps which are perfect for monitoring pollen and mosquitoes. Another great weather app to use is Accuweather.

8. DigiD

The DigiD app is absolutely necessary for expats and new residents in the Netherlands. It is an identity management platform that the Dutch government uses to identify residents, and is used for everything from paying taxes to booking a test for COVID-19. Your DigiD must first be activated on the website, which guarantees the protection of your data.

Download these Dutch apps today!

There are plenty of great apps that are beneficial for expats, visitors, and residents in the Netherlands, but these are our top picks! If you have any other recommendations, let us know in the comments below.

Casey J. Nelson